redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

Perhaps now it is also important to consider the need to be so “spiritual”; the spirituality that becomes yet one more thing to work at and get right, lest we somehow be ‘punished’ or ‘left out’ or ‘left behind.’

Worrying so much about what the right thing to eat is; that our off-white, all-natural cotton socks are going to save a small piece of the planet.

When we pursue anything too forcefully — even love — we create an opposing force. And we are creating fear, fear of chemicals, fear of disease, fear of polyester. Fear of our world. Fear of our environment. Fear of our body. Fear of our health. Fear.

Metaphysically speaking, there are no toxins on the planet. There is only toxic thinking. There are only toxic beliefs (higher vibrations transmute lower vibrations; love transmutes toxicity).

One might say: “Try drinking a little Draino, if you think there are no toxins on the planet!”

Obviously, at the level of consciousness on the planet right now, we have to clean the planet, go organic, support environmental causes.

What I’m suggesting is that none of that would be necessary if a ‘tipping point’ in human consciousness had been reached long, long ago; if love was the order of the day, then all lower — unbalanced — frequency energies would have been transmuted. There would be no physical toxins on the planet because there would be no mental or emotional toxins within ourselves. And all physical toxins, like everything else on the planet, are outward manifestations of our inner toxins.

This Earth is a glorious creation. Honor it, of course. Live in balance, of course.

But the Earth as a conscious being is here to assist us in our spiritual growth. It was created once (by us [with some Help]) and we will recreate it again. Nothing dies. Nothing is destroyed that is not reborn. All the animals and plants that have gone are simply in another dimension, just as we are when we pass over. When the vibration of the planet raises — through love, they will return.

The best thing we can do for the Earth — and ourselves — is to stop trying to be perfect, stop trying to be so loving, stop trying to relentlessly serve.

We serve by being fully alive.

We might consider stopping trying to find perfect love and glorious sex. It’s all perfect now (though some us could use a bit more practice!). And consider stopping worrying about forgiving and being forgiven. There is nothing to forgive. — Though it is important to accept responsibility for our choices.

We are God exploring Its creation. Explore it. All of it. The ‘good’ and the ‘bad’.

Anything out of balance or in any way corrupted is healed and balanced only through our love and compassion and gratitude and non-judgment.

The universe doesn’t care about our mantras or meditations or yoga practice or environmental commitments. It cares about our love. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE all of it. Every bit. Love the joy. Love the pain. Love the success. Love the mistakes.

Not possible? We are God. We are master creators. We created our bodies, our lives, our world — OUT OF LOVE. Love is what we are. Love is who we are.

Let’s consider getting out of the way of love by trying so hard to be a loving person. Be fully who we are, in the moment. If we LOVE eating raw food one day — because we love it — not because we fear not eating it — then we should do so. But if the next day we choose to smoke a cigarette because we LOVE IT IN THAT MOMENT, then we should do that as well. One is not more spiritual than the other.

We should consider just relaxing.

Just breathe — and not yogic breath or Egyptian breath or ascension breath — JUST BREATHE. JUST BE. JUST RELAX and let the natural state of love flow through us. By trying so hard to be loving we stop the flow of love. By trying so hard to be healthy, we stop the flow of health. WE ARE HEALTH. WE ARE LOVE.

Let’s let ourselves off the hook. Let’s take ourselves off the cross.


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