redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

The Spherical We

(photo courtesy Imageafter)

Welcome to the new world.

The non-linear, multidimensional truth of who we are. No more straight ahead, with blinders on, looking over our shoulders to see where we’ve been. Time to see the way natures sees, the way the universe sees: spherically. Multi-dimensionally. All around, everywhere all at once.

How? Let go of limitations. Expectations. Pull out of the status quo, at least consciously. Pull out of the three dimensional world of black and white, up and down, past and future, right and wrong. For the time being we all still have to pay taxes, buy stuff, eat, and stay up late on the Internet hoping to meet that hot number we’ve been waiting for. Keep on keepin’ on. But it’s also time to open ourselves to the possibility that there is something more out there; that what see with our two eyes and believe with our mind might not be the only game in town.

We live in a stuck world where we’re told what to believe and who to believe. Where we’re educated and molded to think that there is only one answer, maybe two. That you have to grow up to be one thing. That you have to stay consistent, like a highway going nowhere. You can’t say one thing and do something else. You can’t be a contradiction. You can’t be fully human, because that scares people, that throws them off their game. They can’t sell you stuff if they don’t know exactly who you are.

Walt Whitman said: “Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.” End of story. We are more than our education, more than our jobs, more than our families, more than our thoughts and beliefs. We are ALL OF IT. We are the right and the wrong, the good and the ‘bad’. To be fully human is to be open to everything. To be fully connected to the universe is to exist comfortably within the very center of the paradox. We change. We evolve. We grow. We force rules and standards on each other so we don’t have to accept personal responsibility.

I don’t believe ‘monsters’ are born. I believe they are home grown. I believe we start out — at worst — neutral, a blank slate ready to be written on. Maybe if we were encouraged to think outside the box at first light, there would be no more boxes. Maybe if we were allowed to honor our sexuality, we wouldn’t distort it and turn it violent. Maybe if we understood from first breath that everyone is unique and gifted with their own special gifts, that we only stand up by first falling down, that what was right yesterday might be wrong today: Maybe then we’d live in a world without judgment, stereotypes, prejudice, hatred.

Think like a sphere. See it all. Become aware of the complexity and contradiction and paradox in nature and within ourselves. Vive le difference! Celebrate the moment. Question everything. Don’t assume what you think is ‘real’ is really real. Embrace the whole. Be absolutely who you are today because tomorrow you will be someone else all together different. Don’t seek validation outside of yourself. You’re already validated. You’re alive! Be who you are.

And above all else: play nice with others.

Peace, Bradley


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