redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

(photo courtesy Jan Tik)

Ian Xel Lungold said it best: ‘There is only one Law of the Universe: What You Place Your Attention On, You Become Conscious Of. All other laws spring from that One.’

I prefer to call all the other ‘laws’ “dances”, because I don’t believe anything in the known — and unknown — omni-Universe is an absolute. There are, however, energies we must learn to ‘dance’ with. I find the term “dance” to be more creative and co-creative than “laws” and rules”.

In the broadest terms there are twelve general “Dances” of energy in our universe:

The Dance Of Oneness (we are all One).

The Dance Of Transmutation (higher vibrations transmute lower vibrations).

The Dance Of Correspondence (“As above, so below; As within, so without”).

The Dance Of Relativity (not to be confused with Einstein’s Law; everything observed is relative to the observer).

The Dance Of Cause And Effect (for every cause there is an effect; for every effect there is a cause).

The Dance Of Vibration (everything in the universe vibrates, from atoms to galaxies).

The Dance Of Rhythm (for every swing of the pendulum there is a return).

The Dance Of Polarity (for every negative, there is a positive, and its sub-Law of Gender: for every male, there is a female, even within the same body).

The Dance Of Attraction (like-energy attracts like-energy).

The Dance Of Compensation (‘negative’ energy sent out returns in equal amounts, however ‘positive’ energy returns multiplied).

The Dance of The Now (Everything that exists exists right now; there is no past and future, only NOW).

The Dance Of Co-Creation (we must “show up” for our lives and participate with the Universe).

How do you work with these Dances? You don’t really; they work for you. They are simply the ‘dances’ which allow energy to follow intent. All we have to know is that these energies exist and that they are there to assist us — under the guidance of our Higher Selves and only for the Highest Good Of All.

It’s really our Higher Selves, guides and guardians, angels and Archangels, Devas and elementals who use these energies to help manifest our intent. They are all there to assist us, and then through us, the creation of the New Earth Thoughtform. It is the ‘safety net’ which is built into the system. If we intend no harm, no harm is possible. As Yeshua offers, we must always look to that eagle soaring high above the forest who can see in all directions, to work with us, because without that guidance, we are simply too deep within the forest to understand all the possible repercussions of our intentions.

The old saying: “Be careful what you wish for…” is true — but only if we try to manifest our desires without first seeking Higher Guidance and Protection.

Peace, Bradley


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