redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

(photo courtesy nighthawk7)

I’ve been asked if my material about Yeshua is channeled and I deliberately say no.

Did I sit down with Yeshua and play poker on the ‘other side’ (and if you ever do, don’t try to bluff!) and did we chat about all things big and small? No. Did he watch over me as I typed, correcting my spelling? No, again. Is he aware of, and part of, what I’ve written? Absolutely. How do I know? Because he and I are one.

And so are you.

I believe strongly that the time of ‘channeling’ as we know it is coming to an end. It may have even ended several years ago, and all those channels we read and listen to may simply, now, be accessing the Universal Mind, of which we are all a part.

My hesitation about saying anything is channeled is because I believe it adds a wall a separation between us and ‘them’.

‘Only certain gifted people can be channels.’

‘I can’t channel, because who am I to presume?’

‘Why would Yeshua speak to me? I can’t even get my checkbook balanced and I love to get face-down drunk and screw and I’ve told more than my fair share of lies.’

‘I am unworthy.’

And on and on.


Maybe there was a time when the vibration of the planet wasn’t high enough to allow for everyone to channel, but that time is gone.

Another possible hesitation about being your own channel is the mistaken belief that these folks on the other side are 3-dimension folks like us. (Truly like us, they are multi-dimensional and can be everywhere at the same time.) Their time is not limited to chatting with a few select people. They have more than enough time for you as well.

And what is channeling anyway, but our high intuition attached to someone else’s name?

And we only agree that some material is channeled because it resonates with us. It feels right. What is that feeling if not our own intuition?

‘But some channels know exact dates and times and information about me.’ Yes, they do. I’m not saying they don’t have access to the Akashic Realm. I’m offering that now you have access to it as well. You now have just as much access to Yeshua and Buddha and Quan Yin — the Mother/Father/God — as any bestselling author.

How? Just relax. Let your self-judgments go. Open to the idea that you are worthy, that you are divine. Ask. Like anything, it takes a bit of practice to become fully open, so: practice.

And if you’re not interested or don’t have the time, then continue to listen to those channels you connect with.

It doesn’t matter where the information comes from anymore, or who it comes from. As Yeshua said: All I have done, you shall do, and greater things than these.

Ultimately, all I’m suggesting is to try not to judge the message by the messenger (and where have we heard that before?). If the message resonates with you, it’s supposed to. Period. If not, then move on to another.

And at the end of the day, be open to being your own messenger.

The time of turning our power — even our intuitions — over to another, is over.

As the saying goes: We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Peace, Bradley


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