redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

(photo courtesy Aturkus)

Within some of these messages, I will occasionally use language that many may find offensive, especially in the accepted context of spiritual material and on the same page as words drawn from the Yeshua energy.

I do it deliberately — not to offend — but to continue to try to break down barriers about what is spiritual and what isn’t; how spirituality is supposed to show up in the world.

I am constantly aware of Yeshua’s desire to have himself taken off the pedestal, and his message taken out of the mysterious books and away from the arcane rituals.

He will use whatever form and method necessary. Look for him everywhere: the movie title, the highway bulletin board, the Internet chat room, the sex blog, the corporate logo, the cursing onstage comedian.

It is time for his message to be the message from your best friend at the bar, your lover in the bedroom, your neighbor at the state fair, the inmate in the prison, the soldier on the battlefield.

It’s time to relax a bit and just let the love flow without judgment.

God is Everywhere and Everything, and is not offended.

Peace, Bradley


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