redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

(photo courtesy helloyou)

This is one of the most powerful spiritual practices I have ever come across. Please don’t be deceived by its simplicity. All the most powerful spiritual ideas are the simplest.

This practice is from Yeshua.

Place yourself in a meditative state. Ground yourself deeply to the center of Mother Earth (imagine a cord of Light from either your heart or tailbone area to the center of the earth; you’ll feel a slight ‘tug’ at your tailbone when you’ve connected).

With both hands in the prayer position, thumbs touching the breastbone, speak (out loud or silently) a personal mantra to place yourself in a state of connection and reflection.

With both hands alternating (left hand finger tips, then right hand finger tips, left, right, left right, etc.), tap the breast area above the heart with all your finger tips and speak (out loud or silently) “I am awakening my Heart Of Light” at least three times and as many as feels right. Then:

Speak (out loud or silently) at least three times (and as many times as feels right): “I accept all that I am.” Then:

Take the middle and ring fingers of your left hand and place them on the pubic bone. Take the middle and rings fingers of your right hand and place them on your tailbone. Now speak (out loud or silently): “I forgive myself for everything I have ever done. I forgive everyone who has ever done anything to me. I am AT ONE.” Repeat at least three times and as many times as feels right.

Return to your meditative state. Reconnect with your physical body. Breathe deeply.

Prepare for your life to change.

Peace, Bradley


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