redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation


Everything that you think, that you feel, manifests the conditions in your life. It takes only a moment to envision happiness and your whole body will feel joyful. It takes but a moment to stop weeping and laugh with joy. It takes only a moment to stop judging and feel the beauty of all things.

You are precisely what you are thinking. If you ponder misery, you will have misery. If you ponder joy, you will have joy.

Every thought you embrace, every fantasy you have, is recorded within your soul. Every word you utter is creating your days to come. Thought is the true giver of life. Every attitude you have of yourself, you will become. You are what you think. The less beautiful you think you are, the less beautiful you will become. The more impoverished you think you are, the more wretched you become. Who is the Creator of your life — you! You are God who possesses the ability to think, to create, to become whatever you want. You are the Lawgiver.

One desires a home that is beautiful, comfortable. This is an accoutrement of self-love. When self-love is truly acknowledged you will not deny yourself any of these things. Self-love will open your hands to receive as well as to give. And it certainly is not taking something away from someone else. Your universe is boundless. There is more than enough for everyone. When there is desire to taste the abundance of your world and receive it with love, you shall have it.
(source unknown)


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