redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

(photo courtesy sonny)

Create a sacred space.

Move into a meditative state.

Call in as witnesses any and all angels, guides, spiritual Masters, deities, etc. with whom you have a connection or simply admire; they will be there for you. Have them encircle you.

From the Light, call forth any person from your past or present who is a source of anger in your life, from family members to office workers to political figures; anyone, everyone.

Under the guidance and protection of your Higher Self and I AM PRESENCE — and their Higher Self and I AM PRESENCE — place each person, one at a time, before you, within your circle.

Address them (or their Higher Self) in appreciation for their assistance in your healing.

Proceed to detail any and all transgressions or events or emotional states that you feel — rightly or wrongly — the person before you is responsible for. It can be as simple as: “I am angry at your for…” Feel free to relate how you felt in the situation, and any harmful repercussions on your later life. This is the time to tell your story fully, in a way the world seldom, if at all, allows. It does not matter if your perception of the hurt is true or not; this is about the healing of what you are feeling, for have felt.

This practice is not about who is right and who is wrong; it is about transforming energy.

Also know that you are in no way creating negative karma for yourself with this practice by the expression of your anger: This practice is one of healing the self, and in turn, those others in your life circle. All participants benefit from this practice. The Universe honors this intent.

As this practice is, first and foremost, about your healing, the person you are addressing can in no way whatsoever defend, explain, or rationalize their actions.

They can not leave until you are finished. They are not allowed to speak. They are here to witness your story.

If you do not feel safe in the presence of this person, you can have them positioned between you and your guardian angels.

When you are finished, you then inform them that they must now apologize to you — without explanation or defense or rationalization, unless you so choose. They must apologize for each and every event as you deem necessary. They must say: “I am sorry that I…” When you have decided that they are finished, then you must work to accept their apology.

This is a practice that will have to be repeated until you are comfortable in accepting their apology. When you are comfortable with their apology and feel that you have truly been heard, then you may find yourself apologizing to them for parts you may have played in the events, deliberately or inadvertently. However, this is not a requirement of this practice.

When you have finished, thank the person, or their Higher Self, for this healing and release their energy back into the Light.

Practice this as often as you need, until you are unable to call the person forth, because their energy no longer has a hold on you.

Be open to expressing your anger at God, or Whomever you seek comfort from on the other side of the veil, should you in any way feel spiritually abandoned or betrayed. Ask God to apologize to you. And S/HE will in a way that will surprise and delight and comfort you. Then, you may feel compelled to apologize to God, though this is by no means required.

And finally, you may find it necessary to call forth yourself; to express your anger at yourself for not having lived up to your expectations or for letting you down. Ask yourself to apologize to you. Then, you may feel compelled to apologize to yourself as well. In any case, release yourself back into the Light.

Thank your circle of angels and guides and Masters for their assistance and the witnessing of your healing. Feel their embrace of Love. Honor what you have just done.

We thank you for your desire to heal, for in your healing the world is healed, and the Universe.

We Are One.

So It Is.


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