redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

A health practice

(photo courtesy Ingorrr)

This takes about ten minutes.

Lay on your back with your palms up. Get completely comfortable. Relax. Close your eyes. Let your breathing calm.

With your eyes closed, picture your toes and ‘tell’ them to relax (EVERYTHING IN YOUR BODY POSSESSES CONSCIOUS INTELLIGENCE [Google: neuropeptides]); picture a warm, glowing light passing over your toes.

Then ‘tell’ the arch of your feet to relax, the bridge, the heel, the ankle to relax, all the while moving the warm light upwards.

Continue with your ankles, lower legs, knees, upper legs, buttucks, hips, pelvis, stomach, abdomen, chest, lower back, upper back — passing the light through them the whole time.

Switch to your fingers, back of hand, palms, wrist, lowers arms, upper arms, shoulders, back of neck, back of head, top of head, forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, ears, jaw and finally, lower neck.

Now. Breathe in regularly, calmly, and tell yourself that you are breathing in the energy of the Universe, the Light of the Universe; that you are breathing in atoms of glowing oxygen which are filling your lungs with energetic light; that this energy is turning the dark, oxygen-poor blood into bright, vibrant red, oxygen-rich blood, which is feeding, healing and strengthening your lungs.

Now picture your lungs glowing with a bright, healing light.

Follow the energy/blood flow into the heart; picture the heart pumping and pulsing healthy, glowing blood through your circulatory system. Tell the blood/light to remove fat and toxins from your system; to heal your blood cells; to generate new, healthy blood cells from your bone morrow. Picture it all. (NOTE: Don’t worry about the picturization; INTENT is all that matters; intent moves consciousness.)

Follow the energy/blood light as it feeds/heals your skeleton (picture it glowing with light).

Move to your internal organs: lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, bladder, gall bladder, spleen, stomach, large and small intestines, bowels, urinary tract (you don’t have to picture them individually; your body/mind knows where they are). Focus on any organs you’re having problems with. Heal them with the radiant, warm light.

Move to your muscular system; let it glow with strength.

Move to your nervous system, your spinal chord, your brain. Watch the energy and electrons dart and spin and race throughout your brain and nerves strengthening your memory, your intellect, your consciousness.

Move to your eyes so that they can see better; your nose so it can smell better; your ears and mouth, all glowing with light and energy.

Move to your lymphatic system, filling your lymph nodes with healing light, stimulating and increasing your healing power.

Move to your immune system, watching as healthy red and white blood cells multiply and flow throughout your body healing everything they touch.

Move to your endocrine system and fill all your chakras with light and healing power.

Move to your skin until it is glowing with health.

Now you should be glowing with health and life. Now do an affirmation (make up your own) such as: Tell yourself that “I am now breathing in the Universal Light and breathing out emptiness; I breathe in health and breathe out disease; I breathe in life, I breathe out death; I breathe in joy; I breathe out sadness; I breathe in happiness; I breath out anger; I breathe in love; I breathe out hate; I breathe in contentment; I breathe out anxiety”…and so on and so on as long as you want, finishing with: “I breathe in the warm, caring, healing love of God (or Whatever/Whomever feels right to you), which fills me and heals me and protects me and nourishes me and sustains me.

Now just bask in the glowing, healing, protecting light and warmth.


Smile a full body ‘smile.’

Finish in a place of gratitude for the healing that has just taken place.



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