redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

mastery practice

(photo courtesy moriza)

As you practice these mental exercises, you will learn to quickly move into the Alpha State and to maintain it throughout the day.

Look upward at a 45 degree angle until your eyelids become tired. Close your eyes and place your consciousness at your crown chakra.

Envision your consciousness as a small ball of Light as you take a deep breath and mentally repeat the number three — three times, take another breath and repeat the number two — three times, another breath as you repeat the number one — three times.

After you have mentally spoken the number, and your breath is exhaled, pause as long as is comfortable as you move into the STILL POINT OF CREATION, then take a breath as you mentally speak the next number.

Envision and feel the ball of Light moving down slowly through your brain, throat, thymus area, heart and anchoring in your Solar Power Center or the upper abdomen. Practice this until it feels like the ball of Light is moving swiftly down an elevator and settling in the appropriate area.

After a while, all you will have to do is take a couple of deep breaths and you will automatically be in the perfect ALPHA State. Eventually, you will be able to move in and out at will, or maintain the ALPHA State during all your waking hours.

There are many rewards in perfecting this process, including a stronger immune system, an enhancement of your extra-sensory abilities and creativity, and a life-changing connection to your Higher Self and Divine Consciousness.

You may repeat affirmations or envision things that you wish to accomplish, such as: I create a never-ending supply of all good things. I enjoy what I create and share my abundance with others. I know I must take responsibility for everything I create, therefore, I only create things that benefit me, the Earth and all living things. Set your goals for the future and then come back totally into the present.

In the beginning, as you are learning to maintain an ALPHA State of awareness, it would be wise to bring yourself back to your normal state of consciousness at the completion of the process. To do this, count upwards from one to five, taking a deep breath on each count and say to yourself: “I AM wide awake, alert and energized.” Or, “I AM energized and in the flow of ease and grace.” As you perfect the process and are comfortable in functioning at a lowered brainwave frequency this will not be necessary.

Practice the process of LIVING EACH DAY AS A MASTER and see how rapidly everything in your life changes for the better. If you have difficulty attaining the desired Alpha state, practice counting down backwards from 50 to 1 before you get out of bed and before you go to sleep. Ask to be taken to a place in the higher realms that will benefit you the most (for healing or learning). Periodically, as you countdown, say, “Each time I will move to center faster.”

After a few times, you may say, “Deeper, faster.” In the morning after you have completed the process, count forward from 1 to 5, and say, “I AM attuned, inspired and filled with vitality. Or, “I am wide awake, alert and energized.” At night, you will drift off to sleep as you count down, and you will be assured that you will receive the maximum benefit from your nightly sojourns in your astral body.

The power behind positive mental pictures is the creative power that manifested the Omniverse and everything in it. You, as co-creators, are still creating through that process as a member of the creator sons and daughters of the Supreme Creator. However, unlike the Supreme Creator, you have also created with mental pictures that are imperfect or destructive — thoughts of fear, guilt, failure, rejection, feelings of unworthiness which distort what you create or allow in your world.

As the saying goes, “The universe rearranges itself to fit your picture of reality.” As you think and believe, so goes your world/creations.

Just as we taught you to “Return to Center” within your Solar Power Center, which is your Emotional Center, you must now practice “Returning to Center” in your Mental Center or by tapping into your Alpha state of mastery. It is an unbeatable combination.

If you wish to tap into the wellspring of knowledge within your brain structure, and to connect with your teachers, angelic helpers and the masters of Light, you must practice, preferably, at the same time each day. You must practice moving back and forth from a light Alpha state to a Beta state of consciousness until you condition yourself (your mind and your physical body) to function at the A-LEVEL, and it begins to feel natural to you. You can function/live in that state AT ALL TIMES — this is one of the secrets of the Masters of Light who live/lived in harmony while in physical embodiment.

You will be more aware, more alert, more attuned to what is going on around you, while tapping into a cosmic bank of knowledge and wisdom that you have, heretofore, been cut off from. The difference between a spiritual and physical existence is the level of FREQUENCY. At this time, maintaining a balance between both worlds is one of your greatest challenges, as well as one of your greatest opportunities.

Beloveds, we offer you these tools to assist you to move gracefully through the momentous changes you are experiencing. If you have been following the messages I bring to you each month through this messenger, and you have used the techniques given, you know that they work — sometimes miraculously. There is no longer any need for you to struggle. Accept your mastery and join us in the realms of the higher Light frequencies where all things are possible.

We honor you for your bravery and tenacity, and we love you beyond measure.

I AM Archangel Michael. (through Ronna Herman)


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