redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

Changing History

In the old Earth energy, history is a seemingly ‘locked’ form of awareness. What happened, happened.

Or did it?

Certainly the big events of history are fairly accurate: the fall of Rome, World War I, the Holocaust, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We have records and artifacts and in some cases, personal experience to verify them.

But at the subtler levels of human experience often what is witnessed is merely a point of view, an understanding based on personal experience and bias. And as history is written and rewritten, it is often subject to change, change which eventually becomes “truth.” And as has been said before, history is often written by the winners.

All of which suggests that one should always keep an open mind about what is true — historic — and what might be open to interpretation; to be aware that it is still people who create history.

And it is people who can re-create history.

We are all energy. Light slowed down until it becomes matter. The Earth and universe are made up of this same energy. The spiritual universe is also made up of this same energy.

We exist as different levels of frequency, or vibration, of this energy. This is the science behind Yeshua’s words that God is within us, and heaven is all around us. All dimensions fill the same space, they simply exist at different levels of vibration. If we were to raise our physical vibration high enough, we would not “travel” to heaven, heaven would “appear” all around us, because we now matched its vibration.

What does this have to do with history? History is also energy. Memory is also energy. Consciousness is energy. And all of it is manipulated by our intent. Again: ALL OF IT IS MANIPULATED BY OUR INTENT. We have created this Earth and the physical universe around us, and our physical bodies, by our intent and desires as surely as we are now creating the New Earth and the New Universe, and our new bodies, with our new intent and new desires.

As all time is simultaneous, the past existing, in effect, right beside us, and all is made up of the energy of conscious intent, then can we change the past? And not just our personal past, but planetary history?

As Yeshua has already offered, by healing our life now, waves of higher frequency energy (love) travel back in time, raising the frequency of everything they touch, literally transforming historic events.

We are in the process right now of re-writing one enormous aspect of history: Did Yeshua marry and have children? With the popularity of books like “The Da Vinci Code”, more and more information is suddenly being ‘discovered’ suggesting that he might have. As more and more people become comfortable with the possibility, a wave of healing energy flows back in time literally creating the very events to help bring about that possible outcome.

Why is it a “healing” energy, and thus one that raises the frequency of everything it touches, including the past? Because the very fact that millions of people are becoming comfortable with the idea of Yeshua as a son of God — and also a family man — is a release of the energy of judgment and fear and dominating power oppressing us for centuries. It’s a freeing-up of a centuries-long stuck energy. It’s the transformation of a story of torture and crucifixion to one of familial love and nurturing.

As we — today — take the first steps to freeing ourselves from our own personal tortures and crucifixions of guilt and shame and fear and hate and judgment and attachment, we no longer need the story of the original crucifixion to justify and explain our lives and natures historically. We need a new story. And we are creating that new story — that new history — by the changes in our lives today.

But what about the Bible and other sources of validation of the original Yeshua story? They still exist.

Yes, and they will continue to for some time to come. But already, for vast numbers of people — even firm believers — the Bible and other sources are being taken less and less literally. Physicists and mathematician’s studying the Bible Code have noticed changes within the text from just a decade ago. The Bible — at a quantum level — seems to be rewriting itself.

And it’s not that the Bible would suddenly disappear and the reappear. The Bible stories were written by people and transcribed by others. Each one subtly influenced by that new wave of healing energy. A word is changed here, a word there along the way, the process continuing over hundreds and then thousands of years, rippling through time, until we come to realize that the the Bible we have now — with the new story of Yeshua as a family man — was the only Bible we ever knew. When someone tells the story of the crucifixion, we will look at them curiously and wonder what they’re talking about.

When we dream, that world we inhabit is as real as this one. When we wake up, we realize that was the dream and this is the ‘real’ world. It is the same as we change history by our actions today: We will simply wake up one day thinking our world of pain and hurt and judgment was the real one, when in fact it was only a dream.

A dream of our own making.


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