redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

The last great frontier in post-new age spirituality isn’t ascension (whatever that actually means anymore), it’s the complete integration of sexual energy into spiritual practice; it is the perfect balancing and union of the female and the male energies within the body and on the planet.

It is fairly obvious to most by now that the current state of the planet and our various cultures is the end result of a millennium-old battle between the masculine and the feminine energies, a battle that was probably inevitable, but which should never have been waged in the first place. And it began in full force when the masculine/power-based religions took over the goddess/earth-based spiritual practices.

Though I also firmly believe that, left unchecked and unbalanced, those very same goddess energies that we now think on with such romance would have become just as unbalanced and power-based and destructive as the masculine energies. The feminine is not inherently better or more healthy or more spiritual than the masculine. Each must integrate with the other.

The good news is that, after the bloodbath of history, and the recent battle of the sexes, this integration is beginning to occur. Women are beginning to turn from the historically necessary evolution of (often angry — and justifiably so) feminism to the transcendent energy of the goddess. It is the goddess energy which transcends politics and culture and history (and the victimization needs within each) — and even power — to become all of it — and none of it. It simply IS.

The male is beginning to reclaim the true nature of the masculine, which fully embraces the feminine within, and knows that true power — divine power — is found in the play of the yin and the yang. That godhood energy isn’t about dominance, but completion and freedom. It is not about power over others, but power through others and with others. It understands that destruction is not an end in itself, but a process of creation. And it knows that it can accomplish none of its goals without the equal partnership of the feminine.

For too long now — since perhaps the beginning of this earth experience — sex has been — for the most part — an act that happens outside of spiritual practice. Aside from the ancient knowledge of tantra and sexual alchemy, sex is about the bedroom, but not also about the alter.

I have often found it curious that we spend so much time in yoga and meditation and prayer with the intent to stimulate our higher selves and to energize our connection to the Divine, and yet we don’t include the primal life force energy of sex into those practices. Perhaps even the most “enlightened” of us still think of sexual energy as something to be risen above; that sexual energy is no doubt pleasurable, but ultimately a little too human and more than a little tawdry.

Do some spiritual folks have issues with sexual energy because the sex organs and chakras are ‘lower’ on the body and therefore not ‘higher’ centers? Is it because they are closer to our organs of elimination, and therefore “dirty?”

Of course, there is no ‘up’ or ‘down’, ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ in the multidimensional universe. It all IS.

And god no! You can’t include self-pleasuring or masturbation or sexual touch in the midst of a daily spiritual practice — just think what Jesus would do?!?! (First of all, Jesus or Yeshua or whomever you connect with couldn’t care less about what you do in your spiritual practice — short of hurting yourself or someone else. And secondly, everyone on the other side of the veil would breathe an enormous sigh of relief if we would once and for all get over our childish hang-ups about God-given sexual pleasure.)

(And now comes the point where again I have to state that I am only talking about the individual or couple or group experience of sexual energy through informed mutual consent.)

And we should also get over our hang-ups about pornography (though I prefer the word erotica; pornography feels like a male-created word and an angry-female exploited word used to continue to keep sexual pleasure and power out of everyone’s hands).

And there are women who enjoy pornography, just as there are men who don’t. (There’s an old biology adage that it only takes one white crow to disprove the “fact” that all crows are black.)

And we must also come to terms with the truth that erotica/pornography — like everything else on the planet — has its dark side and its light side. Not all women are victims of it. Not all pornography is created by men. Not all pornographic performers were abused as children.

A pornographic performer can be just as much of a healer as any shaman: they can help us to open to our true, often-hidden sexual natures. Perhaps in another life a current pornographic performer or artist was deeply repressed or ashamed of their sexual natures. Perhaps in this lifetime they chose to come back to fully embrace their sexual natures and share that power with all of us.

As Yeshua says — and absolutely means — do not judge others. We do not know their path. We have not walked in their shoes.

We are born through the sex act. The universe was created out of energetic orgasm. The primary force that gives life to our existence is the sexual energy. The simple fact that it feels so damn good should be a clue that we should be experiencing more or it.

Of course, our western, and puritanical culture in particular, resists anything that feels good. Feeling good all the time is irresponsible and probably “sinful.” In a very twisted logic, pleasure all the time isn’t good for you and is bad for the American family and therefore the world.

Bullshit. And hogwash (see the blog about language). This idea is yet one more legacy of the unbalanced influence of the distorted masculine energy designed solely to keep the human spirit disempowered, while keeping certain males — and masculine women — very much in power.

We celebrate violence in our cultures, but hide sexuality away — unless it is to sell something, and then sex is presented only as adolescent and snickering.

In order to balance the male and female on the planet and in our cultures, we must first balance it in ourselves. We must get over any and all feelings of guilt and shame and embarrassment over sex. We must learn to approach sexual energy as equally important as every other energy in our lives and in our spiritual practices.

Stimulating and circulating sexual energy through the physical and energetic body should be a daily practice. Bringing joy to the body should be a daily practice. It not only simply feels good, but it energizes every healing aspect of the physical and energetic body.

(How to circulate sexual energy? Place the tip of the tongue against the top of the mouth and inhale down the front of the body and exhale up the spine. At the moment of sending the energy up the spine, you might clinch the PC muscles near the perineum. You can also inhale up the spine and exhale down the front; whatever feels most comfortable to you. Make sure you ground yourself. And when you’re done, take a few moments and direct the energy to the area just below your navel for storage. Finally, rub yourself all over, spreading out the remaining energy, and watch how your complexion, general health and spirit improves.)

Of course, like any spiritual practice, sexual energy must be respected and understood and honored and protected. It must never be used to attack, whether in real life or in the imagination (excepting absolutely the importance of mutual consent role playing and game playing). Like everything else, intent is everything.

Always ground your sexual energy to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Always fill it with Light and Love and Joy. Always share it with the world as a joyful, playful, powerful healing force.

Study tantra and kundalini and the kama sutra (I also encourage reading the works of David Deida). Go to the sex store, or online, and buy sex toys. Play with masturbation. Find out where your limitations are and ask yourself why they’re there. Ask for guidance. Call in the energies of the goddess and the gods.

But for god’s sake, don’t make it a spiritual chore. Sex was a gift we gave to ourselves long before we incarnated on the planet. It was an extraordinary gift of fun and play and joy and pleasure that we gave to ourselves — and each other — to be experienced at any time.

All the time.

Remember, sex is something that not even the angels and archangels can experience.

But we can.

Now let’s all go out and play.


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