redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

Two Cleansings

The Salt Rub

If you’ve had a rough day and are feeling drained, or if you’ve been in difficult traffic, or around draining people, or in a raucous crowd, or slammed by loud music, or had a tough day with the boss, then you’ve probably picked up a lot of negative energy attachments to your energetic body.

One way to clean them off and restore vitality to your energy body is to take a cup of salt (sea salt is best, but table salt is okay; not too coarse) and add some warm water and a little oil (lavender is best, but olive oil is fine, or any of your favorite oils).

As you take a shower, or bath, rub yourself all over with the salt in counter-clockwise motions, focusing on the lower chakras and between the legs and the lower back, and then the joints, but cover the entire body. Then clean the salt and oil off with your regular soap in clockwise motions. Rinse off, and see how much lighter you feel.

As a general rule, you might consider doing this cleaning every few days, or after a night of difficult dreams and erratic sleep as you can build up negative energy attachments over the course of a night’s sleep.

The Violet Shower

Another method of cleansing (I suggest using both) is to take a shower and imagine being surrounded and washed by electric violet light. You can also invoke the Violent Flame and/or the Aquarian Fire (also violet).

Violet light is a sacred cleansing light the INSTANTLY transforms — without any judgment — any and all negative energies and thoughtforms into their polar opposite.

While in the shower of violet light, you might make a present tense statement to the Universe in gratitude for the transmutations that have taken place. I’ll offer the following, but please make up your own as well:

“I am grateful that all my negative energies, negative thoughtforms and negative intent has been transmuted into positive energy, positive thoughtforms and positive intent.

I am grateful that all me fears have been transmuted into faith and trust and unconditional love.

I am grateful that all my illusions have been transmuted into clarity, truth and wisdom.

I am grateful that all my judgments and criticisms of myself — and all others — have been transmuted into non-judgment and non-criticism, compassion and understanding.

I am grateful that all my dis-ease has been transmuted into radiant health.

I am grateful that all my debt, lack, need and want has been transmuted into abundance, prosperity, wealth and success.

I am grateful that all my unbalanced sexual energy has been transmuted into balanced, healed, joyful sexual energy.

I am grateful that all my jealousy and anger has been transmuted into self-confidence and laughter.

I am grateful that all my guilt and shame has been transmuted into self-love.

I am grateful that all my need for approval has been transmuted into self-worth.

I am grateful that my ego, pride, glamour (spiritual ego), self-righteousness and hypocrisy has been transmuted into humility and service.

I am grateful that karmic debts have transmuted into present moment awareness and forgiveness.

I am grateful that all my connections to the lower mass consciousness of this planet have been transmuted into connection to the New Earth, infinite abundance and whole life for all.

I am grateful that all my separation has been transmuted into Oneness.

So It Is. So It Is. So It Is.”


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