redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

The Great Unplug

(photo courtesy vlambi)

There is a feeling in the air that things are changing rapidly, that time is speeding-up, that the world as a whole is losing its collective sanity, and that something ominous might be on the horizon.

Things are changing rapidly, time is speeding-up, and as the Light on the planet increases, so does the dark.

(Though Light is exponentially and geometrically more powerful than the dark and so an eventual tipping point will be reached and the Light will consume the dark. Some believe that tipping point has already been reached and that process of transmutation has already begun.)

We are watching the beginning stages of the Great Transformation. Institutions once thought to be rock-solid are starting to crumble: the government, Wall Street, religion.

This is the Aquarian Age, the Age of (Spiritual) Fire, the Age of Michael, the age when all that is hidden will be revealed. The truth is coming forward, the distortions are being exposed.

Am I talking about a coming Armageddon? No. That possibility has long since passed. Though there will be upheaval. There will be change. It can be as challenging, or graceful as we choose.

The central “Dance” (see “The Twelve Dances of the UNiverse”) of the Universe is: That Which We Place Our Attention On We Become Conscious Of. In other words, we will experience the world we are connected to.

The current world around us — for the most part — is fear-based and power-based. Those energies are no longer sustainable and they WILL BE transformed. Enough people on the planet are now spirit-based and have created, in effect, two parallel worlds existing side-by-side: the world as we know it now, and another that is being born as I write this. One is fear-based, the other is love-based.

There is another Dance of the Universe: Free Will Is Absolute. In other words, our choices will always be honored with the natural outcomes of those choices. Stay with fear and we will experience more and more of it. Open to love and we all experience more and more of that. This is also the Dance Of Attraction.

Those who continue to live as they have, will, in all likelihood, experience the ‘Armageddon’ of their nightmares. Those who ‘unplug’ from the current culture of fear and death, will absolutely experience the ‘heaven’ of their dreams.

There is an ancient truth that if you are sitting in the middle of a vast desert and an army of a million soldiers are coming toward you — if you are not in fear — they will walk right past you. They literally will not see you because you are not operating from the same vibratory frequency as they are.

So, how to unplug?

It’s very easy. And very hard.

Every morning and throughout the day make a statement to the Universe that you are no longer a part of the (lower) mass consciousness of the planet, its politics, its culture, its history. That you consciously choose to be a part of the New Earth. (As Yeshua says, ask and you shall receive.)

Call upon your angels and guides to gracefully disconnect you from the lower energies of this planet and connect you to the higher energies.

Call upon Archangel Michael (or whomever you feel connected to) to sever all energy cords connecting you to any person, place, or thing that is holding you back from your highest potential and that you may be holding back from their highest potential.

Release all karmic ties and debts now and forever. How? Just command it: “I now release myself and all my brothers and sisters from all karmic ties and debts. I forgive everyone and ask forgiveness of everyone.” Done.

Imagine an electric violet sword, or knife, or scissors cutting away dark threads of energy connecting you to the mass consciousness of the planet.

STOP WATCHING THE NEWS on a daily basis. The news is not only fear-based, it is terror-based, and gossip-based, and power-based. If there is anything you really need to know, the universe will inform you. The universe doesn’t rely on CNN.

Stop reading news stories that speak to fear — any fear — all fear. Those stories, like fear itself, are an illusion. And truthfully, do you really need to know about the murder down the street? That is the affair of those directly involved, not you. You either know you are safe and protected in the universe, or you do not know that. Not yet.

If you do read about something or watch a news story that makes your blood boil — disconnect. Unplug. Remind yourself that is just the drama of the old world, it is not your drama. Not anymore. Become detached. Be the observer, not the participant in fear-based experiences.

Challenge ourselves to let go of guilt and shame and anger and judgment and criticism. Drama.

As trite as it sounds: Think positive thoughts. Focus on all the positive things that are going on in the world. Every day on this planet, for every hundred thousand people (or even a million) stuck in fear and power and the dark, there are at least 5 billion people on this planet getting along peacefully.

Be one of those, and realize that heaven on earth is already here.



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