redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

Don’t Think! Know.

(photo courtesy mad-ame)

We all understand that the human brain is a pretty amazing creation; just consider all it can do as you drive a car: contemplate speed and distance, adjust gas flow, consider braking possibilities, steer, scan the horizon, listen to music from the radio, listen to a conversation on a cell phone, eat a sandwich, talk, guess at the future, remember the past, all while keeping the human body humming along — pretty much all at the same time.

We have relied on the brain for eons and it has brought us far, but as we enter the new world being birthed around us, this miraculous information processor will fail us.

Simply put, as the frequency of the planet continues to raise, too much information and stimulation will be coming at the brain too quickly and it will crack under the pressure.

We are already seeing the first stages of this with road rage, school shootings, drug use, alcohol abuse, fragmenting relationships, nightmarish headlines of seemingly inexplicable violence, and just the ever-increasing tension, stress and nervousness of modern life.

All of these events can have their ‘logical’ explanations, but they are all born out of the pressure-cooker of a planet becoming smaller and smaller as life becomes faster and faster.

And ultimately, for all the magnificent accomplishments of the human brain, it serves primarily two purposes: to keep the body running and to protect us. Even the inventions that sprang from the human mind that brought great joy and health and an easier life to billions, came from one desire: to protect the body, and itself.

And that desire can only come from one place: fear.

And fear, by its very nature, is a limiting force. And so the human brain will never be able to fully escape from its own prison.

So what is to be done? Continue to celebrate and nourish the human mind and be grateful for its abilities to keep us safe and move us forward, but we must stop relying on it in this new era.

Instead we must develop and rely on our intuition. Our ‘gut’ reactions. Our feelings. We must switch the focus of our daily intentions from the brain to the heart. And I mean this literally.

The human brain will always be trapped in a three-dimensional world. But the human heart — our intuition — only exits beyond space and time. The human heart ‘knows’ without limitation. It can process and understand information beyond the speed of light. And it always — always — knows the correct path to take.

The human heart operates without fear. It doesn’t understand fear because it knows that fear is an illusion. An illusion of the brain.

In the coming days, months, and years we will need to have access to a greater and deeper awareness to guide us through the coming transition gracefully.

What separated those who went back into the World Trade Center towers after the initial attacks and those who stayed out, or stayed home? Those that went back inside were operating from their mind. Those that did not were operating from their hearts and feelings.

The brain only offers decisions that make sense to it, sense in a three-dimensional world: in order to get to “C” you have to first go through “A” and then “B”. But the heart always knows the shortest path and thinks spherically. It knows that sometimes the best way to get to “C” is to go to “R” and “Z” first.

Of course, to follow the heart and our intuitions requires faith, something the brain can’t comprehend. The brain only sees faith as fear and something to be protected against. It sees faith as the illusion, when in fact, faith is as true an energy as light and heat.

Faith is not a concept. Faith is real. It is power. And it is the only thing that will get us through the coming times (and, of course, I am not talking about religion, which is fear-based).

How to strengthen our connection to the heart and our intuition? Stay in love as much as possible. Stay out of fear. Stay away from judgment and criticism — not just because they are good practices, but because they may well save your life.

Imagine beautiful, powerful, radiant Light coming from your ‘gut,’ just below the navel. Imagine that same Light coming from your solar plexus (below the rib cage). Imagine Light coming from the center of your heart. Imagine brilliant Light coming from your third eye (the pineal gland, about two inches inside the brain behind the root of the nose). Imagine Light coming into the top of your head.

Imagine this Light ALL THE TIME, if only for a second or two. Just become aware of it and you will be opening and strengthening your intuition and your connection to your Higher Self.

Practice ESP. Wonder who is on the phone before you answer it. Take a moment in the grocery store and ‘feel’ which aisle you want to go down first.

And always — ALWAYS — listen to that still, small voice whispering inside you to turn left rather than right. Even if it doesn’t make sense — especially if it doesn’t make sense.

And know that sometimes that guidance will seemingly get you lost, or not have been as effective as you’d hoped. But also know that your Higher Guidance is testing you as well to see if you will follow it against all logic. Your Higher Guidance wants to know you will follow it down the (seemingly) wrong grocery aisle so that it knows you will follow it out of the building moments before the earthquake.

Praise the mind, but place your trust in your feelings and intuitions, and you will be able to navigate all storms perfectly.


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