redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

Balancing Breath

(photo courtesy tigressblu)

This is an easy practice to balance the energy of all four bodies:

Relax and move into a meditative state. Breathe deeply a few times.

On the inbreath, breathe in slowly through the nose to the following mantra, ‘spoken’ silently: I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA.

Imagine the breath filled with light as it enters through your nose and continues into your heart center and from there spreading out to every cell of your body. This balances the physical body.

Hold the breath in as you ‘speak’ the same mantra, imagining the light spreading outward appx. three inches and filling your etheric body (which is a duplicate of the physical). This balances the etheric body.

Exhale the breath — out of the mouth — to the same mantra as you imagine the light spreading outward about six inches and filling your emotional body.

Hold the breath out as you ‘speak’ the same mantra and imagine the light expanding outward about three more inches filling your mental body.

Then repeat the entire cycle of four breaths for a total of twelve cycles.



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