redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

these times

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to add some thoughts to, what I’m sure, is a growing chorus of thoughts and words coming to each of us about these times we find ourselves in.

My main feeling is that we are hearing a lot about the transitions coming, and our inner guidance is telling us that this is something different than ever before, but not a lot of practical suggestions have been offered about how to move through these times as gracefully as possible.

Asking your patience and forgiveness, I’d like to offer some possibilities that we all might consider.

Open to trusting that everything is perfect and happening just as we’d all planned, even though what we see and hear before us seems chaotic. It is not.

Try to stay away from news reports, which will only increase the fear energy — which is necessary to speed the transition process of those supporting the old energy — but which will not be helpful in bringing in the new energy.

We are in the midst of a birth, which can violent and painful, but which is also — at the same time — joyful and filled with love and perfection. Our collective jobs now are to be mid-wives and assist this birth so that it is as swift and painless and graceful as possible.

Listen to all the lightworker and channeled information that is coming our way, but also listen to our own intuition and ultimately seek its guidance. Listen to our own hearts. This is the time of the Christhood and Eastern Light being awakened in each individual. This is the time when we are being birthed as individual rays of light. This is not the time to give over our power to the old energy, or another’s energy, even when it is filled with light. It is time to be our own light.

It is also time to share that light, and not just through our works, but through our hearts and feelings and intuitions. Whenever we are doing or thinking about anything that brings us feelings of happiness and love and joy and fun, just make a mental note to project those feelings into the world for everyone to share.

If we are playing sports, or a board game, or laughing with a friend, or taking an inspiring walk, or taking a warm shower, or having great sex, or eating our favorite food, take a moment and share those feelings with every soul on the planet, and the Earth itself.

This is no longer the time to point fingers or affix blame or direct anger. Those we would direct our anger at are in fact integral players (though they don’t know this) in the coming transition. Without their exploration of the dark, the light could not now flood in. It is time to surround all those in fear — and those who create that fear — with love. That is our job now. That is our responsibility as lightworkers.

One of the most important energies we can add to the system right now is gratitude. Take a moment before we go to bed, and/or first thing in the morning, to recount all that we are grateful for in our lives, and radiate those feelings into the planet and all humanity.

It is also very important now that we each take the time to envision what we would like the New World to look like, what it would feel like, how we would behave in it. Will we lock our doors there? Or will we share all that we have knowing that everything we need will be provided? Will our homes and hearts and possessions be hoarded and protected, or shared?

We must begin to create the energetic ‘blueprint’ of the New World, fill it with life and then release those feelings and that blueprint back to the Universe to handle the details. The Universe is waiting for us to decide what this New World will look like. It’s time to imagine it and release it.

We should also be open to the miraculous. What we think of as the miraculous is the true nature of the Universe. The Universe is a miracle-making machine. That is what it does. That is all it does. We have cut-off that energy in our three-dimensional world and lives. We mustn’t get stuck in thinking that these current world events will follow the same processes as they have in the past. We must remain open to the miraculous, to the true nature of creation, which can change events — and the world — literally — in the blink of an eye. We must celebrate those energies and those possibilities. Remember that the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union fell and Eastern Europe was remade in a little over a period of nine months with only a few hundred deaths. A half dozen political prisoners became presidents of their countries in that same amount of time. Miraculous.

We mustn’t think of the past. We must stay present.

If material things, or loved ones, or our health, is taken from us during this time, we must try and be open to the possibility that these events are not attacks, but gifts, freeing us from the most difficult aspects of this transition. We may find ourselves in a hospital room instead of our bedroom when the tornado hits, destroying the house we would have otherwise been asleep in.

We must try to suspend judgment about what we think is bad, and good. We must try and be as neutral as possible.

There is a saying that if you are in the desert and an army of a million soldiers is coming your way, but if you are not in fear, they will walk right past you. Because quite literally, they will not see you, as you are not living in the same vibrational frequency as they are. That is the same for these times. A lot of fear will be expressed in the coming times. We must try to stay centered and grounded. We must try to stay in the calm eye of the hurricane.

Breathe deeply. Connect our energy to the Earth. And to fellow lightworkers.

Many friends and others may leave the planet at this time. I might be one of them. You might be one of them. Those who know the truth of reincarnation know that we have lived and died a hundred, if not a thousand times before. Death is as much a part of creation as life. We must try to release our judgment about it. We must try to bless everything. And everyone.

What are the most powerful tools we have right now to change the world and move through these times gracefully, beautifully and miraculously? A smile. A steady hand. An open heart. A sharing spirit.

The time of the lone wolf is over. The time of global community and global family is arriving. The time of shared possessions and shared time and shared love is upon us. And how cool is that?

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. This is the time we have been waiting for. It only has to be difficult and painful if we open to that possibility. But it can also be graceful and beautiful and miraculous, if we open to that instead.

We are God/Goddess also.

Let’s build that world we’ve dreamed of.


By continuing to dream it. And sharing that dream.

say little
love much
give all
fear not
judge not
aspire to

(photo courtesy cmx82)


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