redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

(photo courtesy eric mcgregor)
This entry is directed primarily to all of us who consciously think of ourselves as lightworkers or conscious spiritual beings. And by that I mean — in general terms — we believe the Universe is perfect (though we seldom recognize it), that everything is happening as it should be (though we seldom understand it), that there are no accidents (though we seldom acknowledge it), and that we are safe (though we seldom believe it).

If we believe all of this — to the best of our abilities — then why do we still lock our doors and bolt our windows? I ask this question because we are now at the time when we are being asked to walk our walk and not just talk our talk. We are being asked to lead by example.

And in these ever-increasing fear-based times, how can we be that example if we ourselves still behave as if the Universe is not perfect, that events are not happening perfectly, that there are accidents (though atomic and sub-atomic structure would collapse if there were accidents), and that we are not fundamentally safe.

As we lock our car doors and house windows, what statement are we making to the Universe and to ourselves? That I am not really safe, that there are accidents, and that I have stuff that others can’t have.

Yeshua said once that if someone steals something from you, give it to them, because they obviously need it more than you do.

And besides, all the stuff we ‘own’ is really only on loan to us from the Divine to see how we respond to possessions. Do we hoard, or do we share, or do we trust that everything we REALLY need will be provided to us when we need it.

This is the concept of ‘manna from heaven.’ The Jews in the desert for those forty years received what they needed when they needed it, the gift being they didn’t have to carry their stuff around with them, they didn’t need storage, and they didn’t need locks.

If someone does rob us of our stuff — or even take our lives — do we really believe that burglar, or murderer, was able to interrupt the Divine Plan? Do we really believe that if the Universe wanted an event to happen in our lives that a five dollar door bolt, or five thousand dollar security system is going to stop Divinity from its purpose?

Maybe the purpose is to get rid of some of our stuff, or to reconsider what is really valuable to us, or that we better not put off love until tomorrow because we may not be around tomorrow.

Like energy attracts like energy. So what are we attracting when we lock doors and put up fences and live in gated communities?

What are we saying to the Universe?

What are we saying about the new world we desire to create on Earth?

What are we saying about ourselves?


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