redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

a message

be still dear friends, brothers and sisters, parents and child, enemies and loved-ones, these are the times of grace. what seems complex and confusing and frightening is in fact the most amazing of occurrences. it is the call home. it is the call to return, not to where you came from, but to where you have always believed yourself to truly be. though you have forgotten, though you have been lost, though you have played with fear and despair, those times are dwindling away. this is not a time to look back, or look forward, but to look within and around and revel in what you have all too often passed by in the haste of life. there is no right here and no wrong to what has been done and not yet done, just truth and acceptance and peace within the heart. this is the time of letting go. letting go of the guilt and the shame and the illusion that you are able to control all aspects of your life and the life of the planet. yours are not the only paths being walked on the planet. yours are not the only plans. the great latticework has come together in astounding beauty and form and interconnected all paths and all plans into one river flowing to one ocean. the time of separation is over. the time of limitation is over. the time of borders and fences are over, including those within the human heart. what you see as destruction around you is the process of creation released of its restrictions. it is the freeing-up of eons of stuck and cluttered energy and it is not chaotic. it is not punishment. it is the freeing-up of the waters of consciousness to flow where they are needed. yes there will be changes, that is obvious to all. but they need not be as difficult as you fear; they need not be difficult at all. though few of you remember it, you have been at this stage of creation an infinite number of times before. you have even experienced it when you left the peace and perfection of home and journeyed courageously into rebirth and human form and experienced the pain of pressuring the vastness of all that you are into the smallest, most fragile of forms. time and time again you have each done this. some lifetimes you chose to rest, others you filled with profound challenges. all were extraordinary works of art. this is the time of completing the painting you all began at the beginning of this creation spiral. you have waited anxiously, impatiently for this time; you have, quite literally, waited in line to be here now. do not look to the past to solve the challenges of these times. the only answers for each of you are within, in the stillness of your deepest awareness that you are not small, insignificant vehicles of motion and perception, but instead infinite creators made manifest in flesh in a world of matter, to better understand, contemplate and perfect your creations. wake every day trusting you are safe and shall be guided though others around you may stumble. trust that they are safe as well and always have been. open to the release of all judgment about what you consider “good” and “bad.” this is the time to be those lights in the darkness, cursing the darkness not. one can shout from the roller-coaster from fear, or exhilaration. when you come up against your fears and seeming walls of adversity, step back, take a breath and consider surrendering to the moment. open to what you think of as the miraculous. you are the caterpillar breaking free of the cocoon, the young, trembling bird about to fly for the first time. you think you will fall. you will not. you will be asked to open to faith, and not the blind faith of your religions, but the true faith of your true nature that you have hidden away in order to play this grand game of creation. reclaim your power. create your day and your world as you would have it, first in your heart, then speak it out into the world of form to be made manifest. you have each created this world. now you shall recreate it in joy and love and harmony. greed will be replaced by the grace of generosity and shared hope. isolation and separation will be replaced with union. the dark will pull away from under your feet as you walk with a heart filled with light. there really is nothing to be done, as difficult as that may be to accept. there is only to be present. to be hopeful. to be generous and loving. to bend as the willow does. to flow as the river. the river bringing you home.


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