redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

the consciousness of DNA

(photo courtesy jurvetson)

We are our DNA. We’ve all heard that, and it’s true. Our DNA and RNA are the building blocks and blueprints of who we were, who we are, and who we may become. They carry our genetic information from family to family down through the currents of history. They carry our social and cultural information as well. DNA even possesses all the genetic information of the planet.

The microcosm is the macrocosm.

But is our DNA frozen in biological ‘concrete’? Is it unalterable?

From a metaphysical point of view, the answer is no; we can alter our DNA through conscious intervention.

However, part of our DNA also carries our karmic history and can only be altered as we come to terms with our karmic responsibilities. We cannot run from our karma any more than we can run from our DNA.

But we can influence and change both.

The very fact that we’re open to these kind of Sci-Fi-ish possibilities suggests that we’re already nearing the time when we can move beyond karma as a method of teaching altogether, and thereby release it from our DNA and our consciousness.

And remember, ultimately our DNA, like everything else is the Universe, is the product of consciousness and can be changed through consciousness.

One might ask: “But won’t tampering with the consciousness of DNA at my limited intellectual and spiritual abilities cause harm to me physically?”

No, because this type of co-creation is always handled at the level of our Higher Selves, and within the Divine Consciousness that inhabits our DNA already. We just have to express our intention and focus that intention — with the highest good for all and with harm to no one.

Again, the fact that we’re even considering this possibility means that we’re moving into co-creative alignment with the Universe — which is what the Universe intended from the very beginning of our journey into matter.

The Universe wants to encourage us to co-create with it. We express the intent, the Universe will do the heavy lifting.

And don’t worry, any changes we intend will be manifested within the intelligence of the sacred geometry of our DNA. Our genetic make-up won’t collapse like a weakened ladder.

So, how?

Really, it’s up to you. Use your own intuition. But here’s a suggestion:

Move into a meditative state.

Intend/imagine connecting with the consciousness of your DNA. That’s all you have to do. Intent is everything. You don’t have to perform some elaborate mental or spiritual ritual.

For me, I find it helpful to simply picture the words “DNA” in my mind, lit up like a neon sign.

Below the word I visualize a circuit breaker box just like the one in every home.

One one side I see a column of circuits that are ‘turned-on’ to genetic physical possibilities such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, allergies, aging, etc. But I also see circuits connected to emotional conditions such as anger, fear, hate, jealously, which also effect our DNA and our health.

One by one, I shut these circuits “Off.”

One a second column I see circuits for health and youth and vitality and joy and love and happiness and restored eyesight and specific healed physical issues. I make sure these circuits are turned “On.”

That’s it.

I often find that when I return to the meditation, my “Off” circuits are back “On.” And I have to perform the visualization all over again. Almost daily until I can go back and see that all the “Off” circuits are indeed “Off” and all the “On,” “On.”

Sometimes I have to lock the “Off” circuits with a padlock. Sometimes with chains. Sometimes I covered them in ‘concrete’. Once I even took a ‘shotgun’ and blew them to pieces.

All while making sure the “On” circuits stayed “On” and even radiating light and love and joy.

Another possibility is to imagine a DNA ‘ladder’ with physical and emotional negative and positive traits attached to the ‘steps’. Visualize ‘pulling’ the negative traits off and then ‘enhancing’ the positive ones.

Create your own visualizations. Have fun with it.

And watch your health and body begin to change.


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