redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

The Plan

As I am personally and individually able to consciously understand (every person may — and should — have their own view), The Plan is the Divine Intention for the human race and planet Earth within this creative spiral.

Though I fully believe there is a Plan, within that Plan is an almost infinite freedom for self-expression and even denial of an intelligent and conscious guidance and direction in our lives and this world. And I am not talking about any historic Christian concepts such as the Rapture, or Jesus returning to earth to establish a kingdom of born-again believers.

For me, there are three primary aspects to The Plan on Earth.

One: The manifestation of Creator Consciousness into the dimensional reality of matter, through the conscious direction of the human species. In other words, to awaken to our individual and collective consciousness as creative extensions of the Divine, and to express that Divinity on Earth and in the world of matter.

How? We don’t have to be Christian, or Buddhist, or religious at all. We don’t even have to be spiritual. We only have to be as conscious as possible of ourselves and our intentions and our responsibilities toward ourselves, each other and the planet.

Two: To impregnate multi-dimensional matter with our consciousness, thereby elevating all matter in consciousness as well. The old paradigm used to be ascension: We incarnated on the planet — this school — to learn and grown in spiritual awareness until we turned into light and left the planet for better, more spiritual places.

But things have changed. In effect, The Plan altered, and now we are to stay on the planet and by raising our consciousness, raise the consciousness of the entire planet.

How? By being fully present and as loving and compassionate and non-judgmental as possible — by having as much fun as possible — each of us automatically radiates elevated consciousness — light — into matter all around us. As Yeshua has said, everything in the universe is conscious to one degree or another, even the computer I’m typing this on. The more I radiate this ‘light’ the more conscious the computer itself becomes. (Remember, the seeming separation we sense between ourselves and matter around us is a quantum mechanical illusion. There is no separation.)

Here’s an experiment: Start talking to your car. Give it a name. Start treating it like a conscious being, and don’t be surprised if your car starts ‘behaving’ differently, needing less repairs, or ‘telling’ you when it does need repairs. In effect, infuse your consciousness into the car, and the car itself will become more conscious.

Eventually, we will have co-created a material world where everything in it — animal, vegetable, mineral — will be consciously co-creating with us, just as we are consciously co-creating with Divinity.

Three: Part of The Plan was an experiment in whether human conscious held deeply within the illusion of matter — with absolute Free Will — would — of its own accord — choose to embrace the light, or the shadow? Despite what the world around us may look like, we have in fact chosen the light, which is what allows for the other two aspects of The Plan to now move forward.

In effect, despite the immense amount of work yet to do within ourselves and toward the planet, the game has already been won.

And how cool is that?


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