redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

some books….

…and authors I recommend:

ageless body, timeless mind, chopra
quantum healing, chopra,
seven spiritual laws of success, chopra
books of caroline myss
the kyballion
the holographic universe, by talbot
the beginner’s guide to constructing the universe
emmanuel’s book
books of white eagle
the eagle’s quest, wolff
parallel universes, wolff
sacred space, linn
books of louise hay
books of paul ferrini (especially I AM THE DOOR)
first 3 conversations with god books, walsch
the urantia book
treatist on cosmic fire, bailey
the seven rays, bailey
many lives, many masters, weiss
aquarian gospel of jesus
the way of the essenes
zen mind
miracle of water, moto
course in miracles
return to love, williamson
way of the shaman
books of carlos castenada
4 agreements, ruiz
adventures beyond the body
lucid dreaming
believing is seeing, dwyer
seat of the soul, zukov
poetry of rumi


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