redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

dirty words

Yesterday I saw on Youtube a video of Joe Scarbourough on MSNBC, where he unintentionally said the word “fuck.” What was more interesting than that, was the responses among the ADULT commentators as the camera cut back and forth as they smirked and giggled, their eyes wide, their mouths open in adolescent grins, all looking like they’d just seen Janet Jackson’s exposed nipple.

Is this really 2008? Are we really in the 21st Century, where normally competent adults are suddenly reduced to fourteen year-olds because they heard a “dirty word?”

Words and images aren’t “dirty,” but our minds and our hearts certainly can be.

How will we ever fully evolve when we still run from certain words and certain images and certain ideas?


Did the world collapse? Did a child suddenly turn into a ruthless sociopath? Were we wounded to our soul?

A naked man and woman having fun with sex.

Was a single job lost in the economy due to this image? Did Russia re-aim its missiles?

A gay couple wants to wed.

Did the earth spin off its axis? Did billions of children suddenly decide to not be heterosexual?

Try saying a word you have thought of as “dirty.” Say it a dozen, even a hundred times and watch as it loses its power over you. Feel the energy of freedom that you gain. And don’t be surprised if you start laughing.

When we allow words and ideas and images to limit us, we limit ourselves to the amazing colors of the human experience, we sidetrack our natural evolution. We say that this word or image or idea is more powerful than us and we are diminished because of them.


We diminish ourselves.


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