redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

spiritual etiquette

As the frequency of the planet and our personal vibration raises, and the veil beyond thins, more and more of us will be able to see auras, manifest psychic abilities and access the Akashic Library.

We will have more and more access to information about others energy bodies, past lives, and present spiritual condition.

But like everything else in life, having the ability does not mean one has the expertise or the understanding.

These new skills, in inexperienced hands, can be just as destructive as an unqualified surgeon or therapist.

And like everything else in life, people have the right to their privacy, and that now includes their energetic and spiritual privacy.

And to all of us who possess, to one degree or another, some or all of these energetic skills, we must be constantly reminded that the multi-dimensional universe is also made up of illusion upon illusion. That the human mind — even the psychic human mind — is still subject to illusion and lower ego, and quite literally, is not yet — even at the energetic level — fully evolved spiritually.

And that everything we view is still viewed through our individual and cultural and spiritual bias.

Everything we view and intuit is viewed through our own energy systems, and like light through a prism or filter, can be distorted.

We should never just walk up to someone and tell them what we think we may see in their aura, or palm, or astrology chart, or feel about their past lives or present spiritual health.

That is not our place.

It is one thing for a therapist or doctor to say something about someone’s emotional or physical health as, generally speaking, the patient or client has direct access to whether they agree or disagree: they know how they feel.

But when we can see or feel something energetically that they can’t see or feel, then we are putting them at a disadvantage as they have no way of knowing what we are, in fact, seeing or feeling.

It is always best to continue to honor the one absolute law of this universe: free will.

We should only give advice when asked.

And we should always tell the person that what we feel and/or see is just our personal understanding, and that there is only one absolute truth, and that truth is known only to that person and their god/goddess.


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