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Decree of Abundance

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DECREE OF ABUNDANCE From The Light of God that I Am. From The Love of God that I Am. From The Power of God that I Am. From The Heart of God that I Am. I Decree- I dwell in the midst of Infinite Abundance. The Abundance of God is my Infinite Source. The River of Life never stops flowing. It flows through me into lavish expression. Good comes to me through unexpected avenues and God works in a myriad of ways to bless me. I now open my mind to receive my good. Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to have happen. With God as my Source, Nothing amazes me. I Am not burdened by thoughts of past or future. One is gone. The other is yet to come. By the power of my belief, coupled with my purposeful fearless actions and my deep rapport with God, my future is created and my abundance made manifest. I ask and accept that I am lifted in this and every moment into Higher Truth. My mind is quiet. From this day forward I give freely and fearlessly into life and Life gives back to me with magnificent increase. Blessings come in expected and unexpected ways. God provides for me in wondrous ways. I AM indeed grateful. And I let it be so.


forgiveness 2

Loadstar Discourse

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This series begins an entire Anthology of Ascension. It consists of 33 Ascended Master discourses which all calibrate to 111 in vibration. Kuthumi’s discourse begins the series and will be completed in several parts over the next week. Enjoy!

Kuthumi’s Lodestar Foundations
An Introductory 111 discourse for the Anthology of Ascension: Love

The Lodestar Foundations are the basic grounding of your soul purpose. Connecting with these foundations means to access the Eternal Lightness of your Being. The Lodestar Foundations also opens the treasury of Abundance. This is not the abundance that focuses on your bank account or your investment balance (for this has been redefined, has it not?). Abundance is about the deepest sense of spiritual richness that is available to you all. When you touch this richness of spirit, you know that abundance on all levels is available to you now. You do not have to wait to know this, for the Kingdom is yours. I Am Kuthumi and I share with you the formula for liberating yourself from the illusion of darkness (and we remind you that darkness is ignorance, the absence of light and the acceptance of fear). The formula:

Until you look within, you live without.

When you look within, you are able to go without.

When you go within, you begin to clearly see without.

When you live within, you finally let go without.

When you let go without, you enrich within.

When you enrich within, you are all right within and without.

This is the Formula for the Eternal Lightness of Being. It is not a Secret. It is a process of literally drilling down into the Lodestone of your soul.

lode•stone noun.
1. A piece of magnetite that has magnetic properties and attracts iron or steel.
2. One that attracts strongly.
We must go back to the origin of the word lodestone for you to understand that we are speaking about much more than attraction. Rest assured, the result of finding the lodestone of your soul is to activate Divine Right Attraction, (different than ego-based attraction), but the Lodestone is much, much more than this:

lode: original M.E. spelling of load (q.v.), and custodian of most of the original meaning. Mining sense of “vein of metal ore” is from 1602, from notion of miners “following” it through the rock. Lodestone “magnetic oxide of iron” (1515) was used as a magnet to guide mariners; lodestar (c.1374) was an old name for the pole star as the star that “leads the way” in navigation. (From:
The Old English origin of the word lædan meant “to guide”, not to burden down with a weighty substance. This is the subject of our discourse: the Lodestar Foundations. To remember the Lodestar Foundations is to enter into a sacred journey of the heart. (Sacred journey of the heart= 111)

A sacred journey of the Heart is to go within your soul to drill down to the lodestone, the soular substance at depth which guides you on your process of Awakening. When the lodestone is found, our dearest souls in light, it becomes the Lodestar which leads the way in the navigation of your journey in incarnate form. When the lodestone transforms to the lodestar, your burdens are shifted from your shoulders and carried with grace in the heart. Inside the heart, they are transmuted to Love and become the very things that Enlighten your Journey.

When the lodestone transforms to the lodestar, what you lack becomes the needle of the compass which points the way out of darkness of mind and into the lightness of soul. What you live without, becomes the richest of alchemical ingredients for the transmutation of the soul within your incarnate form. When your soul is alchemically transmuted from without your being to the deepest regions within your incarnate form, you have found the Eternal Cup of Life. This is the Holy Grail, the Philosopher’s Stone and the Internal Fountain of Love.

We are asking you to do some of the most profound work that you have ever done. This work is not for the faint of heart, it is not for those who want a quick fix in your society of instant gratification. It is not for those who want things to stay the same. It is for those of you ready to embrace the depth of transformation. It is for those of you who are willing to know the interior workings of your soul.
Let us immediately say however, that we are not implying that in order to do this you must suffer because that is the first thing you begin to fear.” If I really go within, I will find a morass of unhealed pain, of lack, of mistakes, of suffering. This is not so!” This is why organized religion has focused on what is “without”, namely, God. What is without, is illusion! What is within is God. So we are inviting you to go within, to uncover God, to discover the Truth, and to recover the Eternal Lightness of your Being.
Why is this so difficult then, you are asking? It is perceived as difficult because you do not yet Believe that God is within. As Sananda-Christ Jesus said to the Pharisees when asked, “When will the Kingdom of God Come? (As enumerated in “Luke 17: 20-21):
“The Kingdom of God cannot be found by searching without for visible signs or by your speculation. You won’t be able to say, “Here it is!” or “It’s over there!” For the Kingdom of God is within.”
If you look deeply into the translations back to Source, Jesus did not say “it is among you, or it is within your grasp”. He said clearly, over and over again, “God is within you.”
For those of you willing to join us, we will teach how to find the Lodestone, what to “do” once you find it, and then, how to transubstantiate the Lodestone into the Lodestar as you experience the Eternal Lightness of your Being. This will take place over the entire series of 33 Ascended Master Discourses. Each teaching is calibrated, just like this one, to the Sacred Canon of Number, 111.
Now, on 11-22-2008, we share with you how the Eternal Lightness of Being formula works. It is not a complicated formula but it does require commitment, consistency and consciousness. If you are truly a dedicated student and seeker of enlightenment, you must be willing to look deeply within, for this is the first part of your journey. This is the part of your journey you are already familiar with. You have spent countless hours reading, meditating, contemplating, asking, seeking and changing. We will state from the beginning that most of you reading this discourse are working on activating step 4 of the formula: when you live within, you are able to go without. This is not at all about deprivation or asceticism! We will explain this, but to do so, we will begin at the beginning.

Above all, know this: The Eternal Lightness of Being is not about “Light”, it is about Balance. All things that are founded on Truth are balanced. Balance is not all about light – for in the pristine darkness, new life is conceived. When you are balanced, you feel at ease, you feel energy flowing within and around you, and you feel part of a greater whole. This feeling is founded on integration at a very deep level, not on denial of any part of who you are. You are both light and dark, yin and yang, whole and part, vulnerable and strong. Balance is represented by feelings, actions and activities that honor all of who you are.

Part 1 of the formula: Until you look within, you live without.

So many of you have asked over time, why am I not able to manifest a fulfilling avocation, a loving, spiritual based relationship, a healthy vibrant body, an abundant lifestyle or a deep feeling of connection to all there is? It is really very simple. It is because you continue to see that which is outside of you, as “without”. You continue to exteriorize the Kingdom of God as elsewhere. You continue to see others as the blocking or limiting factor for your own ability to move forward into the Eternal Lightness of Being.

Until you look within, you continue to see and experience interference without. Continue to look without, and you will be afforded every opportunity to blame someone, or something else. It matters not whether this “external force” is incarnate or ex-carnate. It is only your perception. Self Mastery means to covenant and to avow, “I am the ruler of my house”. Aha! This is new, or perhaps not.

For when you rule your house, you are not open to manipulation, deceit, to cunning and to interference. What is your house? The container of your soul, your physical body. When you take 100% responsibility for this, you are the Emperor/Empress. You are not the victim.

When you look without, you see what everyone else has or does and you think, “I want that too.” We suggest that you pay very careful attention to the things you “want” that are without you. In the world that you live in, especially those of you in consumer-based societies, if you live without, you see, there is never enough. You are never satisfied because there is always something else to have or to acquire. This is what we call “New Age Distraction Dis-ease”. It is based on a fundamental desire not to be here.

Many of you engage in wishful and wistful thinking: “I hope this is my last lifetime on earth!” You believe that earth incarnation is very difficult and because you believe it, you experience this. You believe that you must be struggling and/or suffering because of misdeeds in past lives. You believe that the world of spirit, or ex-carnate existence is much easier and more pleasant. Thus, with your belief intact that life on earth is hard, you look for things to distract you from the place where you are, thus, never fully grounding in your full Presence, never giving yourself the opportunity to experience the great gifts that incarnate life offers. You look without for distraction from your inner experience and thus, you live without the CONNECTION to the richness of your greatest treasure: the heart and soul that brought you here to experience this magnificent place, the desire to be here now during this time of great transformation and change, the hope that you will remember how to create heaven on earth. But our beloveds, you will not find this place without, for it exists within you. If you do not remember this, you will be met with interference, with resistance and with doubt. You will see your life as lacking some “thing” that is keeping you from the Eternal Lightness of your own being.

Until you look within, you will continue to find interference, which is nothing other than excuses for responsibility of each and every choice you make.

If you are not responsible for your actions and reactions, then who is? If you are not responsible for your choices and your decisions to act or not to act, then who is? At this point in your conscious evolution, you can no longer blame others for your frustrations and failures and credit yourself with only the successes. You must look at all things and be in all things, the Ruler of your House.

You must look at your life symbolically to fully understand the foundation of your soul. If your foundation is cracked or weakened, who is responsible for repairing it? Who created the condition in the first place? Your house is symbolic of your soul’s foundation. Your car is symbolic of your ability to move from one reality to another. Your telephone, cell phone and internet connections are symbolic of your own connection to your soul. What is the condition of your house and your car? What is the consistency of connection of your communication devices? Ah! This is too materialistic! This is too literal! (you might want to say!) Surely, the condition and connection of your soul is not related to the physicality of your house, your phone, your computer , your car or your body??? Think on this, and more, feel into your own sacred heart. Therein exists the healing.

Healing is defined by the Ascended Masters of this: going into the places of lack of love, finding the treasure of your heart , connecting a LINE of love to the lodestone and then, by your choice, by your power, by your wisdom, liberating your own essence into the Lodestar, the Eternal Lightness of your Being.

Part 2 of the Formula: When you look within, you are able to go without

When you look within, you will find many aspects of your soul. To look within is to activate your willingness to look at All of who you are and all you have ever been. It is to take stock of your gifts and talents as well as your shortcomings and your challenges. To look within is to remove the veil of forgetfulness which keeps you in limitation. When you look within with the intention of Remembering all of who you are, you will find that you have many hidden resources that you have not even begun to tap into.

What is keeping you from finding these resources and creatively calling on these to manifest a deeper sense of connection and balance? It is an old belief that you are not worthy of being the creator of your own life. You were told many times that you were not powerful, not creative, not this or that.. and you were told these things by authority figures. Somewhere along the line, you began to believe this and have thus, been looking without for an indication of your worthiness to be All within.

Secondly, you are holding onto a deep fear that if you really look within, you will find the chasm of darkness of your soul. You fear that you may find that part of your soul’s history includes an association with evil or abuse and fearing this, you stay in the limiting place of anti-gnosis. Certainly, you have had past experiences in association with tyranny and persecution of others. You have all had these experiences in order to learn to make different choices and to activate the highest degree of soul consciousness in the Now.

To go into those places and to forgive yourself is some of the most powerful soul work that you are here to do. To do this, you must look deeply within –in looking within, you find all aspects of your soul, the joy, the love, the connection, the wholeness – and also, you may find the terror of aloneness, the self-abuse, the remorse of having harmed others and the fear of nothingness. We will not say this to the greater whole of humanity, because very few have the strength of soul to endure the test of nothingness. The test of nothingness is to face head on, your fear of annihilation and death. This can be one of the most empowering experiences of your life. In nothingness, there is no thing. In nothingness there is no external indication of your value, in nothingness there is great freedom.

When you choose to experience this, to go into the depths of nothingness, there, our dearest souls, in Light, you will find the Eternal Lightness of your Being.

In the depths of nothingness, you will find that there is no thing that you have ever done, ever been, ever said, ever thought or ever experienced that would result in your being unworthy of Love. To look within, is to find these places of false belief that you are unworthy of the Love of the Creator. These are not easy aspects of your soul to look at, but even harder, is staying on the outside, without the comfort of the internal – eternal Love of the One that is truly within you.

What is it then, we are suggesting you “go without”? the second part of the Formula? You go without the need to re-create something that is already done. You go without the need to suffer. You go without the need to blame, criticize and judge. You go without the need to limit your experience because you are truly Open to Receive the Kingdom of God. And remember, this is within you.

Once you look within and find these places of misperception, you now must GO within to heal them and to let go of false perception. That is the next step:

Part 3 of the Formula: When you go within, you begin to clearly see without.

Now, having looked within, you must GO within which means to truly embrace all of who you are! You cannot simply stay in the passive position of an observer and see the places of deep inner healing and not go into them. We are not suggesting that you go back into the direct experience of trauma, loss, suffering and abuse. What we ARE suggesting is that you go to these places, with the intention of healing and transmutation. You go within, with the full love-wisdom-power of your soul and you embrace what is there, in forgiveness and compassion. You go within to the places of your deepest fears and call upon the God within you to transmute these to understanding. Ask your sacred self: where does this fear originate? Where does this sense of unworthiness come from?

Locate these places in your soul experience using all the tools you have:

• your body will tell you where you are holding onto these places in the physical,
• your mind will tell you where you are holding on to these places in your thought patterns,
• your heart will tell you where you are holding onto these places in your emotions and
• your spirit will tell you where you are holding onto these places in your soul.

This is very, very powerful . We will tell you how to do this by example. If you choose to actually do this, rather than just read about it, you truly will begin to see clearly without and the rest of the formula flows very easily.

To be continued..

Master Kuthumi

Kuthumi’s Lodestar Foundations| Part 2| Ronna Prince conscious channel

December 27, 2008
This is a continuation of the post date 11-22-2008.

Kuthumi’s Lodestar Foundations
Part 2 of Lodestar Foundations
An Introductory 111 discourse for the Anthology of Ascension: Love

Review: The Lodestar Foundations are the basic grounding of your soul purpose. Connecting with these foundations means to access the Eternal Lightness of your Being. The Lodestar Foundations also opens the treasury of Abundance. This is not the abundance that focuses on your bank account or your investment balance (for this has been redefined, has it not?). Abundance is about the deepest sense of spiritual richness that is available to you all. When you touch this richness of spirit, you know that abundance on all levels is available to you now. You do not have to wait to know this, for the Kingdom is yours. I Am Kuthumi and I share with you the formula for liberating yourself from the illusion of darkness (and we remind you that darkness is ignorance, the absence of light and the acceptance of fear).

The formula:

1. Until you look within, you live without.
2. When you look within, you are able to go without.
3. When you go within, you begin to clearly see without.
4. When you live within, you finally let go without.
5. When you let go without, you enrich within.
6. When you enrich within, you are all right within and without.

This is the Formula for the Eternal Lightness of Being. It is not a Secret. It is a process of literally drilling down into the Lodestone of your soul.

Continuing Part 3 of Lodestar Foundations:
Part 3: When you go within, you begin to clearly see without.
We suspended the Lodestar discourse with the encouragement to go within, to connect with all parts of who you are and allow this to inform you about the places of greatest evolution.
We suggested that you use your body-mind-heart-soul to inform you of the places you are still “without”.
Here are the most common ways of “holding on” and “being without” in western society today;

o physical – excess body weight/obesity;
o mental – excess mind belief/confusion, lack of resources;
o emotional –excess feeling energy / worry and anxiety, scarcity of deep partnership connection;
o spiritual – excess soul heaviness/separation from God.

As we move into the turning point between parts 3 and 4 of the formula, we will examine the intense dichotomy between excess body weight (holding on) and financial scarcity (being without).

Activating parts 1-2-3, the Lodestone Experience:
KEY to Activating Balance = Core Consciousness Connection.
Translation of letter to number (Pythagorean numerology:
c o r e c o n s c i o u s n e s s c o n n e c t i o n
=3 6 9 5 3 6 5 1 3 9 6 3 1 5 5 1 1 3 6 5 5 5 3 2 9 6 5

Total value of all Letters = 121
Total Consonants = 55
Total Vowels = 66

Core Consciousness Connection is the vibration of Choice in the year 2009 and beyond. Within this vibration is the Mastery of higher order numbers 55 and 66. The Master number 55 is often associated with Christ Consciousness. We associate this master number with Investiture – going within to connect with the Vestment of Consciousness. In the context of personal empowerment, 55 indicates the choice of attaining personal freedom by being free from the past and present in the moment. The Master number 66 is associated with the action of fulfilling your responsibilities in a joyful and creative manner. If you CHOOSE to live in this manner in core-consciousness-connection, indeed, the year of 2009 will be an empowering year of change.

The numerology of 2009 is 2+0+0+9 = 11 = 1+1 = 2.
2 is a Choice Point. It is challenging to Balance in a year of 2 unless one makes a core connection with consciousness to stay in the center of the 1 and 1. 121. Through the archetypes of tarot, we will show you the outpicturing of the 2 dynamic:

We use tarot images in order to clearly see the energy that will be available all year of 2009 on all four levels of experience: wands – spiritual, swords – mental, cups – emotional, pentacles – physical. We can relate these energies to the conditions and the choices all people will be faced with in the year of 2009/11/2.

Two of wands: a choice to concentrate on separation from God or to step fully in between the two upright wands and bring the kingdom of God, the entire earth, into one’s soul awareness. Perhaps what the figure on the two of wands is contemplating is “Am I worthy to feel the Wholly Spirit within me? Am I truly part of this Whole? Do I give myself permission to step beyond the threshold and enter the bounteous kingdom within?”

Two of Swords: a choice to focus inward on contemplation and inner peace or to remain in confusion and inner darkness. The two of swords figure is asking herself: “Is this the time to take action or to wait? Am I able to be at peace even if I have no idea of what is to come? Am I willing to allow myself to inner-vision the solidity of my position? Do I trust enough to go deeper within or do I collapse into duality and continue to live without?

Two of Cups: A choice to enter into partnership and gratitude for the gifts that fill your lives Now or to hesitate in worry and anxiety that there may not be enough later to fill your cups. The two of cups figures are celebrating partnership. They may be asking of each other: ”Do we have the strength of commitment to stand together and to face all aspects of our mirrored souls? Are we willing to enter into the depths of all of who we are, to allow the Cosmic Healer (Caduceus symbol) to heal our hearts, thus deepening our emotional trust and connection?”

Two of Pentacles: A choice to balance all responsibilities one has in the world in grace or to hold onto excess just in case the storm raging at sea makes landfall and threatens ones survival. The two of pentacles figure is asking himself: “How much longer can I balance my responsibilities while the world is shifting around me? Which task takes priority? Can I fulfill all of my responsibilities? Am I about to topple over with the heaviness of things, or do I allow myself to feel the flow and change that allows me to meet whatever task is at hand with grace and ease?”

These are the questions that intensify in 2009. The activation is to make a core conscious connection to the choices you embrace in the year of 2009.

Let us find the lodestones of your soul. In order to do this, some of you must move through your own resistance based on the popular idea of the Secret. “If I focus on something I lack, I will draw more of it to me.” The fact is that you know you have these places or beliefs within you and ignoring them will not make them go away! You have tried this, have you not? The experience below will not create more lack, but has the potential for you to understand the core, or lodestone of the energy behind it. Without this, no amount of positive thinking will change the foundation. When your intention is that of self awareness, wisdom and transformation, you only enhance your ability to create your life!
First, make a list of all the things you feel you lack, all the qualities you believe you do have not fully activated in this life, all the beliefs that contribute to scarcity or excess in your life on any level. Include on this list, anything in your life that may be showing you a symbolic or archetypal connection to these things.

For example:

* I lack the confidence to move forward into the full manifestation of my soul’s purpose in the world.
* I lack the ideal body to feel vitality and radiant health.
* I lack the financial resources to manifest my dreams.
* I lack the experience to pursue my true avocation.
* I lack a partner to share my life with at the deepest level of my being.
* I lack in psychic abilities and thus cannot know all aspects of my soul, including any and all past lives I have ever experienced.

These examples are the lodestones of your soul’s evolution. While they weigh you down in a sense, they will also guide you directly to the places of inner transformation and inner liberation. They will help you to navigate back home to your heart and soul star.
Do not stop here however, go deeper and look at all aspects of your experience, symbolic, literal, figurative and archetypal.

Symbolic and literal: Where do you experience lack in a literal sense and how does this translate to symbolism? Do you run out of energy in your body? Do you sometimes run out of gas in your car? Does your cell phone battery give out or not hold a charge? Does your computer crash?

Symbolically these examples may mean that you are not feeding your soul and caretaking your body. Caretaking your body is very simple but many of you choose not to do this. Eat living, vital whole foods, exercise, sleep well. We are not going to use our time discussing this. You already know how to do this, most of you are simply choosing not to. Let us focus on feeding, exercising and resting the soul.

How does one symbolically feed and exercise the soul? Well, most of you move immediately to a belief in meditation and prayer as the answer to this. Yes, these are powerful practices, but feeding your soul can also be the small moments of nurturing by reminding yourself, “my soul is wise”, “I am grateful for the choice I made to be here”, “I am able to find the answers to my search within the depth of my own soul”. “I love myself as I am.” “I am able the brighten someone else’s day by paying attention to them, by looking in their eyes, by sharing a smile.” All things matter.

Nurturing your soul can be in taking a moment to bless your water and food, thereby imbuing the sustenance of your body with Love and Thanks. It can be remembering a beautiful place on earth, and energetically visiting this place in your heart through the power of the imaginative mind. It can be looking up from your computer screen or paper and finding something in your surroundings that touches your heart and connects you with the feeling of happiness at being alive.

We know that every single one of you can do this right now: there is something on the outside, right within your sight, that is a beautiful reflection of that which is within you. Do that right now! If any one of you cannot find that, please touch your own heart and remember why you are here: “I am here to love”. Look again and see if you can see something now that reminds you of this. Why are we saying this when we are asking you to look within? Because you must be able to see beauty within and without in every moment. If you are not easily connecting to the beauty within, use what is without as a confirmation and reminder that it already exists within you. You must be able to see the gifts without as well as the challenges, you must be willing to move in to optimism and intention to experience the greatest good of your own soul so that the within and without are in balance.

You are not here to suffer! You are here to transform your old beliefs and patterns, you are here to transmute pain into healing, you are here to transubstantiate lack into richness. But you must be able to look without and see the reminders of love, and then take that within and know that you are worthy of this love in every moment.

Figurative and archetypal: In this part of the inner work, we are asking you to be conscientious of the way you use language (figurative speech) and how this may keep you connected to the cultural patterns (archetypes) of scarcity and lack through the use of Excessive language. Unconsciously using cultural hyperbole connects you very powerfully with the inability to manifest as well as entrenched in the worry-anxiety-fear energy encircling the planet.

Hyperbole is the most common form of figure of speech used in casual conversation. When you become conscious of how you use language, you will have a very effective key to disconnecting from the cultural archetypes of disempowerment: victim and unworthy child. Hyperbole comes from the Greek origin meaning excess. It is used to create emphasis. Unconsciously, it takes thought and impels it into action through speech. If you are unconsciously using hyperbole, you are choosing to stay connected to the cultural archetypes that created the figurative speech in the first place: Common hyperboles are: “I’m starving”, “I’m broke”. “My mind is spinning.” “I’m dead tired.” “I’m wiped out.” “I’m sick and tired of x,y,z…”. None of these conditions are true. Language is used in this way as excess – exaggeration – which then keeps you locked in stagnation.

If you are unconsciously using language in these forms you are empowering your disempowerment! Thus, what we are suggesting you do is very simple: become a sacred observer of yourself on all levels. Simply observe what you say, how you say it. What you do and how you do it. What you feel and what is surrounding you in your outer world when in these conscious feeling states. For example, if you are saying: “I’m starving”, be aware that you are actively engaging in the cultural archetype of the neglected child who is literally starving for Love. When you observe yourself saying this, in consciousness, take a moment to connect to your own inner child and send Love to yourself. Expand this, and send love to every child on the planet. This is real, this is effective and this intention heals.
Core – Consciousness- Connection is the key to transforming the lodestone to the Lodestar. Once you make these connections to the inner and the outer, you are well on your way to transformation.

Let us proceed by examining the dynamics of a person who is holding on to excess weight and experiencing financial scarcity. Obviously these two patterns do not always emerge together, but when they do, it is a difficult place to exist.

Our comments are not about judgment. Each individual has a unique experience that creates his or her reality. If you are overweight, do not go into shame and the negative belief that we, or anyone else is judging you. In fact, it may be the case that you are serving to carry heaviness that is not even your own, in an effort to assist in a great Earth Emancipation into the Eternal Lightness of Being. We are simply looking at general condition and hope to offer some suggestions about creating movement from stagnation into shift. We hope to do this for you, the individual, for your family members, for your communities and for your world.

You see, while you experience these things as individuals, much of the root cause is at the level of collective or group consciousness.

As a whole, many societies on earth are accumulating greater physical weight simply as part of the heaviness of being that is occurring on the planet right now. Increasing obesity is considered by some to be “epidemic”. Some of you are so empathic that you are taking on the excess heaviness within your own being, without the full understanding of what is occurring. Individually, you may have a high degree of consciousness, and you may be choosing to let go of fear. But you may be accumulating weight as part of the collective consciousness of fear. Those in power, using the media as a tool of fear-generation, are attempting to keep humanity burdened in the cycle of heaviness and scarcity.

When you fear not having enough and you are anxious about the future, the unconscious pattern is to literally take an excess of energy into the body and then hold onto it just in case. This results in accumulation of fat, retention of water, and storage of toxins, build up of fatigue, physical pain and generalized malaise. Your body is simply obeying your emotions (worry and anxiety) and your thoughts (I have to eat more because there might not be enough.) This can then translate to a lack of inflow of resources and a constraint of money. Can you think your way out of this condition? No. You must balance emotion and thought, body and spirit, and in so doing, make the core consciousness connection to the Lodestar within your being.

How do I then choose to transform this, to let go of the collective consciousness of fear and move into a state of lightness and balance? Let us proceed to the Lodestone. We remind you that the lodestone is the substance and form which seems to burden your soul. However, with core consciousness connection, the lodestone may be transmuted to the Lodestar, the true foundation of your soul that liberates you back into the Eternal Lightness of your Being.

The “How to” activate this transformation is contained in making a core conscious connection to all parts of your energy, including the collective energy on earth that is shifting into higher states of awareness. Using the example above of heaviness of physical body and scarcity of resources, make a core conscious connection with your heart, your mind, your body and your soul. Do this by going within for a moment. First feel your breath and your heartbeat , this is the effortless energy that infuses your physical body with incarnate life. Beyond the breath and the heartbeat, feel the energy of love within you. This energy exists in everything, within and without. This is the presence of Whole Spirit. Now take a moment to experience your consciousness. This is your thoughts and the awareness of “I AM”. I am separate and yet I am connected to all things. Now connect your awareness to the core of the earth and all consciousness on earth.
In this state of connection, affirm this:
I AM WITHIN the heart of God.
I AM WITHIN a state of acceptance and grace.
Now, touch your heart and affirm by feeling:
I Love myself as I AM.
I Love myself as I AM changing.
(For you see, you must begin by loving yourself where you are before you can embrace change..)

Finally, let go:
I am letting go of heaviness and scarcity.
I am letting go of collective heaviness on earth.
I am letting go of heaviness in my heart, my mind, my body.
I am letting go of collective fear of scarcity.
I am letting go of scarcity in my heart, my mind, my body.
I am letting go of fear of separation in my soul.
I am connected to the eternal-internal richness
Of the Lodestar of my Soul.
I see clearly, I feel deeply, and I know intimately
That my internal Lodestone is leading me home
To the eternal Lodestar of my soul
In core conscious connection
To the One Eternal Soul of the Divine.
In Eternal Gratitude,
I AM all right within and without.
Within and without, all is balancing
All is harmonious, all is well,
All is whole.
I am whole
We are One.

Now, open your eyes and see clearly without. See the richness that surrounds you, feel the wholeness that is within you. Know that you are part of this wholeness. This is core consciousness connection that activates you into parts 4, 5 and 6 of the formula.
Continued in part 3 of the Lodestar Discourse.

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Kuthumi’s Lodestar Foundations
Part 3 of Lodestar Foundations
An Introductory 111 discourse for the Anthology of Ascension: Love

This is the final installment of the three part discourse from Kuthumi on Lodestar Foundations. Kuthumi has outlined a six part formula he associates with the Eternal Lightness of Being. The formula is repeated below. The total numerology of the formula plus the word “Love” correlates with the sacred canon of number, 1,296. (For reference, please see John Michell’s, Dimensions of Paradise.)

Kuthumi’s Lodestar Foundations (=111):

* Until you look within, you live without.
* When you look within, you are able to go without.
* When you go within, you begin to clearly see without.
* When you live within, you finally let go without.
* When you let go without, you enrich within.
* When you enrich within, you are all right within and without.

Continuing on 12-28-2008:
Let us assume that you have taken this time to look within; you have found the places of your soul-ar substance, the lodestones that shown you to Way to your soul’s evolution. You have found and practiced some simple and yet profound ways to nurture yourself; you are ACTING grateful to be here and you are connecting your inner and outer worlds with great synchronicity of vision. You have made the core-conscious-connections to within and without, on an individual and a collective basis. You have activated inner and outer transformation.

Having done this, you understand that you are going without the need to experience something that you have already done somewhere in your soul’s vast history. You are thus, progressing into the second half of the formula for the Eternal Lightness of Being. Let us Proceed:

Part 4 of the Formula: When you live within, you finally let go without.
This is the keystone of the Lodestone. When you let go without, you re-connect to God within. You live in a place of Eternal-INTERNAL Love. You are no longer afraid to open your doors and your heart to others. Continuing to LET GO is the critical element to both part 4 and part 5. You must let go of misperceptions, misbeliefs, mistrust, misunderstandings between your self and all others, and misconceptions of the divine as separate from you.
The divine is in everything. When you hold onto judgment that this is divine and that is not, you are living without sacred vision. You are living without the sacred embrace of eternal truth.

Let us give you an example of living without. This very example comes in a reader’s response to the first part of the Lodestar Foundations. You have all experienced this judgment and you have all, at some time, judged others. Connect to your own heart as you read this, send compassion, send only Love:

Comment from a reader on 12-4-2008:
hello you treehugging nutjobs, you take every religion on earth and blaspheme God by trying to merge them together. trying to make sense of things only God will be able to explain at his return, a noble feat which you will get lost in. it is a shame you have lost your way.

Read the bible as your source of solid information, build upon all other info in making sure its in accordance with God’s word if you wish to stray to knowledge it does not contain. the very statement that all religions lead to God is blaspheme to the scripture. Return before it is too late.

We have very great compassion and gratitude for this follower of the Christian Bible who took the time to express the judgment in his heart and soul. We, meaning all teachers of the Divine, have great love for those who resonate in judgment and fear. Judgment and fear teach us all many things. They teach us where we are out of alignment with the very teachings we ascribe to. Judgment and fear teach us where we are living without connection. They teach us how to let go of “without” in order to re-connect “within” the One God.

Within all judgment is the need to be right, thus proving others wrong. Within all judgment is duality and intolerance. Within all judgment is the need to hold on to a belief system that is narrow and limiting. Within all judgment is a deep fear of not being all right within. Thus we judge self and soul as being “without” God.

One of the most profound teachings of Christ, Jeshua ben Josef, that is still close to the original Aramaic words spoken by this Divine Being is this: “Judge Not, lest ye shall be judged.” He did not say: “Cast aspersions upon those who do not believe as ye believe. Cast stones into the hearts of those who embrace the Divine in a different way than ye.” He said there is One God and One God is within each divine expression of the Holy Image of God. You are the Word made Flesh, the Holy Logos. Read source translation and that is given.

Live within the Sacredness of each moment, and you will let go of the need to criticize and blame others who may think differently than you do. Let go of the need to blaspheme which in essence is the action of name calling as seen in the comment above, to those who are Divine Images of God. Do you see the connection our Beloveds with the Creator? When you blaspheme or name call one another, you are taking the Holy Name in vain. What you are doing in essence is projecting your own fear of being wrong onto others in an attempt to assuage your own fear of unworthiness. This fear is nothing other than holding onto old beliefs. This fear is nothing other than a holding onto lack of love for yourself.

When you live in core conscious connection with the Holy Logos that is within you, you let go of the need to judge, to name call and to blaspheme self and others. You let God into your heart and soul to fill you so completely that all you send to others, no matter what they are proclaiming, is Love, just as the first commandment to Love God with all thy heart and all thy might. If you would like to practice this, take a few moments of your time and send only love to the person who wrote the message above. Express your compassion for someone who thinks you are lost and misguided. Do not attempt to make a point of right vs. wrong; do not attempt to persuade; do as Jeshua did, Love. Do more, if you choose and put this expression of Love in a written comment below. Send love and live within the Holy Logos. Act on this. Send only love.

For you see, if ever you have been in a position of criticizing and judging, you too have been asking for love and for forgiveness. All it takes to alleviate your fear is this: Ask for forgiveness and it shall be given. Ask for compassion and you shall feel it. Ask for understanding and it shall be yours. It is never too late to find the way back to the Lodestar of your soul, the God that created all things and thus, that resides within you. Use the example of criticism above, and let go without. Let go of the need to judge this person as wrong or less than. Let go of criticizing and blaming yourself so that you may find peace. Live within that place of peace and eternal balance in such a profoundly deep way that you Send Only Love. Do this for others. Do this for yourself. Do this for the entire planet that is letting go of heaviness and lack. I am letting go without, I am living and loving within the Heart of God.

This is what it means to live within.
Part 5 of the Formula: When you let go without, you enrich within
When you truly let go without the need to judge and criticize, your every moment becomes imbued with richness. The richness we are referring to is richness of spirit. Go within and feel the Gold that is the Presence of God. God is everywhere! God creates life and light that is never extinguished. To feel the Gold within is to access the truth that you were created from Love, the moving energy behind all things. The energy that set all creation into motion, the E-Motion, is Love. The richness that is within is often the very thing that you fear. “I am the Creativity of the Creator. I am an expression of the Divine.” This is so and in being so, your richness within then calls to be expressed in the creativity of your life and your purpose. Make a core conscious connection to your purpose and be grateful for your ability to know that which is within.

So many of you fear the expression of your full soul purpose that you continue to block its complete manifestation. You must let go of self criticism and judgment and enter into the potential of possibility. The greatest possibility of your incarnation is that you so love your Creator and your soul created in Divine Image that you heal from all things. The external richness that so many of you seek in a secret, does not manifest without because you will not let go of your own judgment and criticism. The richness is within you and is not a secret in any way. It has been revealed through many sacred texts and in the sanctity of your own existence here and now.

What is the richness that you contain within?
It is first and foremost your capacity to love.
Next it is your willingness to let go of directing the outcome of how Divine Will manifests in your life.
Third, it is your experience for it has brought you into this moment , the only moment for creation and change.
Fourth, it is your capacity to serve others from the heart.
Fifth, it is the Truth that you are forgiven, for the Divine has given you the fore-giveness of your path and your experience that gives you the ability to choose this path.
Sixth, it is the freedom to change.
Seventh, it is the Breath of God that surrounds and fills you with richness in every moment
Eighth, it is the Internal “I AM”, the connection to the sacredness that is I and Thou and You.
Ninth, it is the light and the darkness that is becoming Whole again.
Tenth, it is the Infinite Heart that embraces all there is.

The internal richness is an abundant wealth of creativity;
when you align with this richness and let go of fear, judgment and doubt, solutions come from within you, synchronous events manifest without to signal alignment and you begin to feel the Flow of enrichment moving in a current through all aspects of your day.

Part 6 of the Formula: When you enrich within, you are all right within and without.
Part 6 of the formula flows very easily from the preceding teachings. When you feel, experience ,know, embrace and accept the internal richness, you become aligned with Divine Will. You no longer yearn for things and status and certain outcomes. Your outer and inner worlds align and you are in the Eternal Lightness of your Being.

You have found the Lodestar that guides you home. Your burdens have transformed to the teachings that transform you into the place of Eternal-Internal Balance. 2009, an 11-2 year is a Choice point for humanity. Make the core connection in consciousness. Choose only love, send only love, and the richness that is within, becomes the balance point without.
Blessings and peace in these final days of 2008.

I AM Kuthumi,
Know who you are and Rejoice.
In peace and joy,

Copyright 2008 Ronna Prince. All rights reserved. You may forward this article in full with attribution to the author and her website. Thank you.