redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

Two Paths

What do we do when everything around us appears to be coming apart at the seams?

We are quite clearly at a crossroads; two paths have opened up before us. One path leads to the past — and not the past of a thousand years ago, or a hundred, or even ten. Or even days, weeks, months. But the past of the last moment when we were still tempted to look back over our shoulders at what had just been.

The other path is not that of the future, but of the moment. The Present Moment. The Holy Instant. The Now.

We are witnessing the unraveling of third dimensional, linear reality, which says that the next moment is born from the last moment, and that we are on an inevitable trajectory into the future, a future which will most certainly look very much like the past. Only shinier.

That is the familiar path. The path we have all walked for lifetimes. And many — most — in the world will continue on that path out of habit, history and fear.

The other path is the more difficult path to follow. Because you don’t follow it. You can’t. You can only stand at its threshold and be present. It is not a path that you walk down. It is a path that is accessed only by the simple act of breathing and turning inward.

The old path is to look for answers and safety outside of ourselves.

The new path is to listen to our own hearts and intuitions.

On the old path we were told what to do and we did so in groups of families and villages and cities and nations and even as humans.

The new path says that each individual is now the sole source of that individual’s guidance and safety.

The old path said that in order to enter ‘ door D’ we had to first go through doors ‘A,’ ‘B,’ and ‘C’ and in that sequence.

The new path suggests that in order to enter ‘door D’ as gracefully as possible, we may first have to go through ‘door Q’ and then ‘door Z.’ It also suggests we may not have to go through any door at all. The universe may simply begin to bend toward us.

Many of those who survived the World Trade Center nightmare — for reasons they couldn’t explain that day — are the ones who decided to stay home that morning, or took a later bus, or questioned and dismissed the authority figures who told them to go back into the towers after they had first been hit. They listened to their inner voices, even when those voices didn’t make sense.

We are witnessing the dismantling of all systems of belief — even spiritual systems — and the material world those belief systems created. Material belief systems that said we are separate from each other and our environment and the universe around us and therefore must be protected from each other, which in turn created nations and armies and laws and banks.

We are witnessing the dismantling of spiritual belief systems as well, which replicated the material belief systems convincing us that we had fallen from Grace and were evil and powerless and therefore in need of salvation and religion. Even many of the ‘New Age’ belief systems still require us to give our power over to a rigid practice, or a guru, or an ascended master.

We are not witnessing destruction, but birth. Re-birth and re-union. The walls and institutions and beliefs that have separated us are falling. Everything we thought we knew about life will come into question. As the vibration of the planet increases, even gravity may come into question.

We are moving from a time when we gave over our power to outside forces to feed and house and clothe us, and into a new era when our hearts and intuition and newly-born manifesting powers provide everything we need. Which is not to say there won’t still be bills to pay and jobs to go to and stores to shop at. Only that we will discover more perfect and graceful methods to pay those bills and find those jobs and shop at those stores.

We are leaving the world of reason and entering the world of intuition. The world of reason has limited access to information. The world of intuition has an infinite source of knowledge to access. The world of reason is fear-based. The world of intuition is love-based.

A balance is being restored. Nature and the universe have always been in balance, we are the ones who disrupted that balance.

All we have to do now is get out of the way a bit as our world rebalances itself, try to stay present, try to stay out of fear, and when fear comes, go inward and breathe and listen to the inner voice.

And trust that voice to have our best interest at heart.


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