redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

The Great Reboot

The following is absolutely impossible and will never happen.

Arianna Huffington recently wrote that while attending the Davos conference, all the top financial world leaders were wringing their hands, admitting that they had gotten us into this economic mess (though the U.S started it) and that they had no idea how to get us out. And many were actually turning to matters of spirituality to try and find answers.

We know how interconnected we’ve become. Yes, the U.S. owes enormous debt to countries like China and Brazil, but they can’t really ask to be repaid because we supply a lot of their food. Plus we’ve got all those messy nuclear weapons laying around.

No, like it or not, we are all in this mess together, and it is possible that trying what worked in the past won’t work this time. An old system is broken and trying to fix it with the same old tools that helped break it in the first place may only make things worse.

So there’s nothing to be done except sit back and watch the world tumble into economic collapse, global depression, chaos and anarchy.

But this system wasn’t delivered to us by aliens from another planet, and we, as their slaves, have to make it run. We created this system.

And we can re-create it.

We are a generation that’s quite comfortable with the idea of rebooting our computers when they have a nervous breakdown. We don’t think less of the computer and we don’t think we failed. We simply unplug and replug. And presto! No guilt, no shame, and we’re back on the Internet.

The Mayans simply forgave all debts every thirty-seven years. They lasted successfully for two thousand years.

Many countries, including the U.S., have forgiven other country’s debts. Just wiped the slate clean (with some requirements attached, of course).

Remember Y2K? We were going to have to reset our entire electronic and industrial culture?

Hell, twice a year we all simply decide to turn back time and then turn it forward!

So why can’t we all decide — globally — to reboot the world economy? Erase debt for everyone. Admit we all screwed-up (though not everyone did), and just start over?

Pick one day in one year when everyone all at the same time around the world simply unplugs and replugs our planet.

Like I said, Impossible.


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