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(photo courtesy wheat_in_your_hair)

If I may, I’ll share a bit of my journey. Most of my life I have been surrounded by feminine energy and I love being around strong women who also embrace their feminine energy. When I became actively involved in conscious spirituality, I went to many classes and conferences where I was one of very few men attending. And, as you know, as the sexual energy of the planet moves toward balance, the feminine energy is quite strong right now and has been for a bit, in order to help that balancing.

However, I found myself surrounded by too much feminine energy and was out of balance in my masculine power. Plus, the post-feminist energy of the 60’s and 70’s, which had much anger attached to it (and understandably so), had made many non-abusive men hide from their own male sexual energy.

In any case, a first step for me in the healing and rebalancing of my masculine energy, was coming into contact with the teachings of David Deida. Like all teachers, some of his teachings have been distorted by other male teachers back into the same old power struggles. But I find his pure teaching to be quite helpful. And I have found many women respond to his ideas as well.

There is another off-shoot of his ideas, called Warrior Sage, based out of Canada. There are also some books by Mantak Chia about the tantric energy which I have found helpful.

Now that the goddess energy is allowing women to express the full and complete range of their sexual energy — the light and the shadow — beyond politics and culture and his-story, many sexually adventurous women are finding themselves confronted by the same male-created distortions around sexual energy that non-abusive men have found themselves harmed by.

It is limitations and baggage around sexual language and imagery and practice that need to be re-examined in the light of divine sexual energy. And balanced divine sexual energy — for me — is not just dreamy, flowing, sensual, dancing-in-the-woods-barefoot sort of sexuality, but also up-against-the-wall explorations of personal power. It includes poetry and grace and beauty and also erotica and pornography (a very unfortunate word) and fetishism, etc. As long as no one is harmed and free will is informed. Which has not been the case for the most part. We can change that now.

All of which is to say these energies must be released of the energy of anger and victimizing and fear and ego-based power. So they become the pure colors on an extraordinary palette of passion. There is nothing ‘dirty’ about the sexual choices between two — freely consenting and informed — spiritual adults.

We are of heaven, but we are also of the earth. Once we free ourselves of these fears and limits and abuse the energy will naturally return to balance and we can once again ‘be at play in the fields of the Lord.’


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