redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

(photo courtesy cathyk)

If you feel that this resonates within you, and if you feel that this kind of meditation is something you would like to participate in, you are cordially invited to connect in consciousness at 10 am your time on Sundays, or any time you choose with linking back or forward to 10 am CET, for 10 to 15 minutes, just holding the vision/intention stated below in your heart for all humanity.

The Transformation of the world: All is God

We are grateful to offer ourselves in service to help transform Mother Earth and all her kingdoms into a pristine state of harmony and peace.

We are grateful to let the highest light of Divinity flow out through our hearts and beings for transmuting lower level living and for establishing balance and the highest good for all.

May all human beings know that light and dark are both aspects, contrasts of Creation with not one being better than the other, only existing to allow us to explore the variety and depth of Creation.

May all human beings realize that once there is preference for one, the fall into separation begins.

May all human beings forego judgment and be able to see Divine perfection in everything, even in the so-called ills of the world, to become a powerful lighthouse shining in the darkness, transforming the world from the inside out.

May all human beings release resisting and fighting the contrasts and love and accept everything by staying centered in their hearts.

May all human beings become the healing that is so greatly welcomed by their non-judgmental state of being and help establish a new system free from the grip of the old world.

May all human beings choose to serve as a body of Divinity and radiate Divine light simply through their being into whatever situations and conditions are ready to be transmuted.

May all human beings acknowledge their positions as Creators and believe in their power to lift the world out of duality into a state of Bliss and Grace.

Before entering the bodhisattva prayer, you may say the following invocation here below and ask Mother/Father God to guide your meditation and feelings for the highest good of all concerned. You may also ask the bodhisattva prayer angels, the grid angels and the angels of illumination to join you and to use your feelings, thoughts and being for assisting humanity and Mother Earth.


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