redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

(photo courtesy image editor)

It seems like just about anything we speak of regarding spirituality these days requires us to place it in the context of the current, rapidly changing times we’re living in.

Of course, the Law of Attraction will always be in effect, but something to keep in mind regarding the information in The Secret is that when we are trying to visualize and manifest our desires, especially materially, that those visions are still, for the most part, based on our expectations of how the world works; how material objects are created in this third dimensional reality.

The only problem is that, for all intents and purposes, we are currently in the fifth dimension and manifesting by third dimensional rules becomes difficult. One of the reasons the old world is collapsing around us is because it can’t quite ‘squeeze’ through the new dimensional membrane.

As we visualize a home, there is a part of our consciousness deep down that still believes that the way those manifestations materialize is that one has to have a job which produces an income which goes into a bank account which goes into loans and mortgages and pays bills and realtors and on and on and on. We still think that the way to get to D is to first go through A and B and then C, in that order. But the Universe doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t think linearly, but multi-dimensionally.

How to manifest in the fifth dimension? Try to leave out the visualization element — the unconscious logic element and stay with the feelings of what you desire, the feelings of your new home and the people in it and the wonderful emotions the home brings up in you. Then let those energies radiate out into the Universe without attachment. Let the Universe handle the details.


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