redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

the age of the trinity

(photo courtesy mark jones)

We are moving out of the post-New Age world into the new world of the Trinity. And not the Trinity as codified by Christianity, but the Trinity of unification; the Trinity of completion; the Trinity of harmony and balance; the Trinity of perspective.

We are leaving the eons-old energy of duality and entering into a new world of Tri-ality.

Creation was begun as a point. That point expanded into a sphere. That sphere divided itself and between the two divisions was born the vesica pisces. Between the two endpoints of the vesica pisces, this ‘womb of life,’ was born the ‘line,’ the space between two points, and polarity was created; duality was born.

And a point was extended outside these two and a three-dimensional triangle, a tetrahedron, was born. And for the first time energy and thought was able to travel in a complete cycle. And the beginning of form was created.

The tetrahedron divided into the platonic solids and allowed for three-dimensional reality to take shape. And on and on through the Adamantine Particles, sub-particles of space and time, atoms and molecules, to us and the world and universe around us.

But how do we actually move into a world of triality from a world of duality? How do we move from a world of cause and effect, action and reaction, past and future, life and death, good and bad, hot and cold, small and large, and on and on — to a world without these constant sweeps of the pendulum?

By taking ourselves out of the ‘back-and-forth,’ by rising above these energetic sweeps. By rising above the ‘line’ of our lives and our world, to the ‘Point Of View’ at the apex of the ‘triangle.’ By attaining perspective.

When we leave the self-perpetuating cause-and-effect of our lives and start viewing our lives with perspective, we immediately pull ourselves out of the action/reaction energy and into one of…godliness.

We place ourselves into a state of non-judgment.

We align ourselves with the NOW.

We see ourselves and our world as part of an intricate and infinite fabric weaving and reweaving itself. There is no good or bad, up or down, dark or light.

There only IS.

And when we bring that new perspective ‘down to earth’ and make it active in our daily lives, we begin to work and play without judgment, without attachment, without restriction and limitation. And in that state we align ourselves with the Universal Flow of creative energy and our lives flourish effortlessly, unexpectedly and miraculously.

Living our lives from a Point Of View, or viewing our lives ‘from above’ is not just a state of mind. When we do this, we literally shift energy, we open dimensional doorways, we become…god/goddess.

Remember, everything we now view and interact with is, at one level, a state of mind, an elaborate mental construct. Changing our viewpoint, changes the world.

It changes us.

And we become the Trinity made manifest.


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