redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

simple things

(photo courtesy annia316af:)

I recently asked some friends and strangers what some of their favorite things were in life. Here are a few (no mention of jobs or paychecks or career success or power…):

The feeling of being in a creative flow, and that when a long project is completed. A good heart-felt hug. A conversation when we truly hear each other. The whisper of wind in the trees on a warm day. A vista after a long hike. Bird song, frogs croaking, crickets chirping, bees droning. Water lapping on a shore. Good dark chocolate. The smile of someone I love. (And there are many.) The fragrance of certain flowers, the rose and jasmine. A multi-hued flower garden; strong true colors. 3rd movement, Beethoven’s Ninth. the smell of just-cut grass. the droning sound of a bi-plane engine on a blue-sky-summer afternoon. smell of fresh baked bread in the morning. a cat’s purring. the fresh smell of linens and clothing hung out on a cloth’s line in the sunshine. the smell of gingerbread cookies in the air when winter comes around. Dyeing easter eggs and eating the obligatory peep. leaving a phone message on my best friends phone that only she and I can get. the pug snore that drowns out the tv at night. I love: my family. Living in Malibu, seeing the Ocean as I drive down the PCH. My friends, new and old, and my doggie ~ my most forgiving, loyal companion. Yerba Mate Tea with the accompanying alertness. my husband’s arms around me when i cry. watching a tiny rose bud unfurl into a majestic rose. setting the table for a meal to share with someone i love. the smell of freshly shampooed hair. the music of a dreamy saxophone. the sound of the water falling in my table fountain; giggling over the rose quartz and renewing the dry shells. the sight of sunlight thru stained glass. getting a card from a long lost friend. remembering that I was once told, “the door is always open”. the total acceptance of a child as he/she returns my smile. the smell of rain on concrete (city girl). anything by Kandinsky. a call from an old friend ( or an email). finding no trans fats in fritos. dressing up. Sunsets. Moonlight. The seasons changing. The unexpected call from a friend. ink-stained fingers from writing. The smell of fresh brewed espresso. Dolphins playing in the water off of Venice beach. An excited puppy jumping all over me. The oh-so-good ache of my muscles after an awesome practice. Holding a new born baby just minutes after they’ve arrived. My son’s beautiful smile and giggle. A balmy California night with the moon sailing in the sky. Lip-biting, toe-curling, knee-quaking, soul-deepening sex. Summer rain. The smell of the one I love. Kissing my children’s soft cheeks when they sleep. The taste of my morning tea. Riding my bike to work listening to music. Swimming laps and feeling like I am breathing underwater and sleeping while I do it. Feeling the arms of my kids wrapped around my leg or neck giving me a hug. That indigo blue color of the sky after the sun has set. The feel of my little cat’s sandpapery tongue on my hand. Running on the firm sand at low tide and watching the waves crash. The sound of almost any Strauss waltz. A fresh butter croissant in the morning. kissy attacks on babies — both human and animals. big belly laughter — and the way a huge smile makes all faces purdy. random acts of senseless dorkiness. inebriated discussions around the campfire. being blow out of my sox by excellent art, performance, music, roller skate dancing… and all things creative. The smell of the fennel on Runyon Canyon. The pink in the little black cheeks of a girl I sponsor in Uganda, named Dianah. The impossibility of not smiling when you hear a three year old’s laughter. The heat of a soft pretzel from Philly. Coconut macaroons made by a Portuguese baker named Elliot. Like eating gold and batter and coconut confetti at once. Anyone’s smile. A good hearty laugh. A good healthy cry. Gmail because it holds everything and I can actually check it at work.

thanks to everyone for sharing.


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