redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

healing the past

(photo courtesy sister72)

As the past and future exist at the same time and are directly effected by consciousness, and as we are all intimately connected by the energetic web of life, then the past can be changed by actions today.

Let me offer a metaphoric example: According to the Bible, Perhaps I am whipped twenty times in Pilot’s palace 2,000-some years ago.

Perhaps you, today, are able to go deeply into your heart and forgive yourself, or someone who has wronged you greatly. That creates — literally — a wave of Love that resonates forward — and backward — through time, effecting everything it touches.

It even reaches me, in Pilot’s temple, and everyone there is effected — changed — by your act of Love and I am whipped nineteen times.

With the added Love sent from you, in the future, back to me, I am that much stronger and can send more Love forward in time to you. That Love in turn, reaches you and helps you to be yet more loving and forgiving and that, in turn, sends more Love back to me, where I am whipped eighteen times.

And on and on it goes, back and forth, beyond space and time, until one day you wake up, as if from a vivid dream, and are made aware of the story of an old prophet and teacher named Yeshua, who died as an old man in his sleep surrounded by wife and family. And this will be the truth of it. For my mission will have succeeded, through you, in the future, and my death on the cross will not have been necessary. In the past.

Exciting possibilities. Yes?

— Excerpt from The Daughter Seminar.


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