redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

(photo courtesy lifehouse design)

Even if it seems an impossible fantasy, we must begin DAILY, moment-to-moment, to visualize what the new world will look like and how we will live within it.

The Mind/Thought — Heart/Intuition. The mind is fear-based/past-centered and will not serve me in the new world. It can only repeat non-functioning patterns. ‘I will go insane.’ The heart/intuition exits in the present moment and sees all solutions for the highest good of all. ‘It cannot lead me astray. I will dwell in love.

Fear — Faith, which is a literal energy and not just a philosophic idea, ‘will be me my daily well to draw upon. I must meditate/pray every day, not just because it is emotionally and spiritually healthy, but because it will be the only way to access the new information coming into the new world and into my life.’

Advertising — Sharing your vision with everyone, everywhere, all the time — for the highest good of all. Speak your truth.

Competition — Collaboration; co-creation: we can’t do it by ourselves. We’ve never been able to do it all by ourselves: No person is an island.

Credit — Trust; everyone honors their commitments. When they are not able to honor those commitments then the agreements are re-negotiated; everything changes, nothing stays the same: “How can I help you to help me?”

Capitalism — Social/economic contracts for the highest good of all, understanding the Law of Attraction. (see above)

Market Systems — Barter systems added to the mix; shared wealth.

Taxes — Everyone — including ALL corporations — tithe 10% of every commercial monetary exchange, 5% to the government, 5% to personal causes.

Lawsuits/Contracts — ‘I will not sue you because you will not cheat me.’ Honoring you is honoring me. Honoring me is honoring you.

Theft — ‘I trust that there are no accidents. I trust in Universal Balancing. If a material possession is stolen from me and I can’t get it back from the person, I will let them have it because they need it more than I do. I trust in Universal Abundance.’

Violence — Non-violence, compassion, forgiveness. ‘To harm you is to harm me.

Guilt/Shame — Self-love/Self worth/Personal responsibility. ‘To harm me is to harm all.

Judgment/Criticism — Non-judgment, non-criticism, understanding; we are all one. No one is perfect and they’re not supposed to be. Though each path is unique and perfect in its own way.

Dis-ease — Health, vitality.


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