redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

spiritual adulthood

(photo courtesy alice popkorn)

The journey from adulthood to spiritual adulthood is the acceptance of the love of self, the acceptance of self, unconditionally.

Spiritual adulthood says that our painful, difficult journeys where in themselves acts of grace.

To become spiritual adults we must make peace with our past and those who betrayed us. And those we have betrayed. Including ourselves.

We must try to see our lives — not as a series of mistakes, abuses and successes, but as an extraordinary painting made up of extraordinary colors that tell an extraordinary story.

We must accept ourselves as we are.

And we must be willing to love our selves so much that we are willing to let go of all outside forces that judge us and limit us: family, friends, society, our own egos.

We must stop being victims of the outside world.

We must — ultimately and finally — come to God/Goddess alone and naked.

There will come a time when we will be able to tell our story to others who have never experienced human life. They will look at us with awe and admiration and they will ask: what is pain?
and we will know.
what is joy?
and we will know.
what is fear?
we will know.
what is grace?
we will know.

We are goddesses and gods who chose to forget in order to explore our own creation from the inside.

We are master artists, each one of us, and in us the Divine delights.


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