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old world vs. new world part 8

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Indian ‘Ten Commandments’:

1. Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect. 2. Remain close to the Oneness. 3. Show great respect for your fellow beings. 4. Work together for the benefit of all humanity. 5. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed. 6. Do what you know to be right. 7. Look after the well-being of mind and body. 8. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good. 9. Be truthful and honest at all times. 10. Take full responsibility for your actions.

old world vs. new world part 7

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The world and its workings won’t change until there is a change in our consciousness. We can create all the seminars and workshops and global initiatives and green industries and positive-change production companies, and we will have simply transferred the same fear-based, power-based, ego-based energies from one paradigm to another. But nothing fundamentally will have changed.

What do I mean by a change of consciousness?

Some examples:

No more locks, security codes or passwords. We are in the era of No More Secrets; the Age of Michael; the Violet Age. We either trust that there are no accidents in the universe or we don’t. Period. And we also trust that what we put out we receive back. Or we don’t. Period. If you steal from me than you need whatever was stolen more than I do. I trust in the universe. You do not. Yet. Besides, none of us “owns” anything. It’s all on loan to us as ways to express love.

When an industry or production assistant or secretary receives a phone call on the same day from President Obama or Steven Spielberg and another call from an unknown person. Each must be treated as EQUALLY IMPORTANT. Period. After the call, and further down the line other information may come to pass that determines how much energy you direct toward that unknown person, but THE UNIVERSE REQUIRES US TO KNOW THAT EACH AND EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANT ARE EQUALLY IMPORTANT. Period.

No more contracts. Our word becomes our bond. We may have basic written agreements but they are only to place in writing information we may forget or unconsciously neglect. But in the New World we either trust in the universe or we don’t. Period.

No more lawsuits. I will not sue you because you will not consciously cause me harm. You will not cheat or steal from me because to do so harms yourself more than it does me. If you unconsciously cause me harm, you will accept responsibility and apologize and I will forgive you and we will move forward together because you and I ARE ONE.

My very first thought as an employer or producer or government leader must be: How can I help you to succeed? Because when you succeed, I succeed. I either believe in the Law of Attraction, or I don’t. Period.

These are just a few of the changes in consciousness that must come about for us to survive the coming changes and create that New World we’ve never truly imagined before.

But must now.


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cynicism is fear resigned into unhappiness manifesting as anger cloaked in intellectualism.

a new prayer

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Prayer, especially in the western tradition, has become somewhat of a solemn affair, usually used to invoke something from Someone for self or someone else. Nothing wrong with this. Prayer, meditation is a very good thing. Keeps one grounded, connected and a bit humbled — not by a thundering God — but by a stunningly powerful universe, of which we are an intimate part.

But perhaps now is the time to expand the concept of prayer to include a more…active approach. The Zen Buddhists have it right: everything can be a prayer.

Everything should be a prayer.

Everything is a prayer.

Make mowing the lawn a prayer, and not a downturned-head affair of somewhat embarrassed reflection, but a song of movement and breath and grass and sunlight and water; the weight and the rumble of an engine, the smell of oil and gas.

Make sex, whether self-pleasured or shared, a prayer. And not one of cultural or personal or religious shame and hesitation, but one of giddy and giggling and laughter-infused passion; of gratitude for the feeling of pleasure, of physical joy radiated out into the universe. A prayer of orgasm, free, open and astonishing.

Make doing the dishes and washing clothes and cleaning the house an act of prayer, an act of consciousness. For we are doing something that not even the archangels can do.

Make laughter a prayer. And sorrow. And pain. And even fear because as we face fear and acknowledge it and make it a sacred event, it delivers us to our freedom, to our light. To our Self.

Make work and typing and Internet cruising a prayer of adventure and knowledge and delight in the power of communication.

Make bowel movements and headaches and hangovers a prayer by simply being present for them, because even these we will miss profoundly when we are gone.

Make of our lives a prayer by living them honestly and openly and bravely.

Make our breath a prayer, for there is ecstasy there, and life, and the Divine.

Make death and passing a prayer of life simply lived, for this is not a journey for the faint-of-heart, regardless of our successes or failures, crimes or punishments. As Shakespeare wrote, “There is a special providence in even the fall of a sparrow.”

My prayer for you: that the winds of time and life blow gently at your back.

old world vs. new world part 6

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In the new world there come the understanding that everyone one the planet is equally important, that in the Universe’s eyes, the winner of the Nobel Prize and the grade school janitor are absolutely equally important; that each is playing their perfect part in a universal mosaic. As for those we now know as criminals — when we begin to recognize the importance of every single human being — anti-social behavior will cease to exist because every soul will be honored, supported and encouraged from birth.