redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

Spiritual Hollywood

(photo courtesy alan light)

In the case of Hollywood, adult spirituality isn’t really about making more films about spiritual folks, thought there’s nothing wrong with this and it may be helpful to many on their individual paths. It’s not just about maintaining the status quo while increasing personal wealth (again, nothing wrong with this) and getting to hangout with spiritual celebrities at the spa.

Billions of praying Catholics, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and New Agers haven’t fundamentally changed the world, though it makes us feel better about ourselves. Christ dying on the cross and Siddartha leaving his wife and family haven’t fundamentally changed the world.

“E.T” and “Saving Private Ryan” and “Ben Hur” and “Apocalypse Now” haven’t fundamentally changed the world.

What changes the world is how I deal with you and how you deal with me. Changing the world is about changing individual consciousness — and then putting it to work in the real world.

It’s about honor and integrity and patience and compassion and inclusion and forgiveness and love.

It’s about spreading the love and the wealth. It’s about taking the time to go the extra mile than is called for. It’s about treating everyone as equally important and worthy of being listened to and supported. It’s about how can I make you successful?

That’s how you change the world.

You change the world — not by the products the world produces — but by changing the way the world does business in the first place.

Not through a massive weekend box office or back-slapping at an award’s show. You change the world by changing ourselves then changing others, one person at a time. One heart at a time.

And if a terrific movie comes out of that exchange, then how cool is that?


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