redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation


(photo courtesy tom@hk)

We are moving out of a time when we focused on trying to solve ourselves and each other, and into a time when we honor each person’s journey.

A time when the most healing energy we can offer others — and ourselves — is simply to be present for them, to listen to them without judgment, to hear their story without trying to fix them. The obsession with trying to fix things, us, the planet, has gotten us into more trouble than contributed to genuine healing.

Because when we try to fix something we start from a place that we are broken. And maybe we aren’t (there are always exceptions, such as people with biological challenges, or planetary problems that we have created).

Maybe we’re divine beings who chose to lose themselves in the dense world of matter in order to better understand the complexity and power and beauty of creation from within.

Maybe if we’d honored one another from the beginning without judgment, we would naturally have returned to our divine state in a more graceful and timely way.

Maybe if we’d been allowed to ‘flow’ without having our ‘waters’ diverted or damned-up by trying to fix everything, we’d have gently returned to the ‘ocean’ eons ago.

Offer help and encouragement, of course; share — absolutely.

But also simply be present and listen and offer an understanding smile and a comforting hand.

That might be all the miracle someone — and ourselves — really needs.


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