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never doubt…..

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead


The Power To Transform

by Sheila Ivy Traister

Have you looked in the mirror lately only to see worry and uncertainty staring back at you? That’s been the face most Americans have seen as we try to make sense of the mess we find ourselves in as a country and a nation among nations, all of whom are struggling to make sense of our current state of affairs.

When the world is crashing in around you how do you as an artist find meaning in what you do… in who you are… in what matters?

As an actor, I reflect on the fact that as a character in a story whether it is a film, a television show, a play or any one of dozens of performance vehicles; I have the power to transform the moment to uplift and enliven the human spirit.

Through the exchange of ideas, dreams and fantasies we have the power to create understanding where there has only been detachment… to usher in laughter where there have only been tears… to allow for healing where there has only been anger, pain and depression.

Throughout history, artists of all walks by way of music, poetry, plays, films, books, dance, the fine arts and more have challenged us to examine who we are and how it is we walk this life. Like the court jester who has an audience with the King, the artist has the ability through the realm of entertainment to cause us to question our behavior and the world we are creating. They can make us forget or remember… to want to try harder… to examine why… to not settle for and to challenge existing paradigms and established modalities in order to usher in much needed change; be it our own or the world around us.

Often it is simply the gift of making us smile for an hour or two so that we can forget the problems of the day in order to face tomorrow with greater agility for the challenges it will surely bring.

There is much beauty to celebrate in a world that appears to be crumbling around us. If we can find that in the gifts given us as performers perhaps we can help others through the magic of our collaborations to do the same.

Let’s look for the places within that unite us in our common cause to celebrate life and one another… let’s take up the challenge to be our best selves in the most difficult of times; even when our own work opportunities have dwindled under the weight of economic and political strife.

I do believe as artists we have an innate ability akin to alchemists to transform the mundane into magic. How will you as an artist, this very day, use your gifts to transform worry and uncertainty into a celebration of possibility and new dreams… creating a new landscape for the year ahead.

Talent is a responsibility not to be taken lightly… honor it and embrace the gift you are to this world and share it unselfishly; then rejoice as you reap the rewards that will certainly come your way. ~Sheila