redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

Gulf Oil Spill

The deeper question is: What am I spewing into the world through my judgments, anger, jealousy, fear?

This is from “Son”:

The war and hate and injustice — and ecological disasters — and anger we witness on the planet is very simply the outermost manifestation of the war and hate and injustice still alive within the human heart.

Let me offer a painful example: Somewhere around the planet a school shooting takes place. We read the paper on the other side of the planet and wonder how such a thing could happen. Like-energy attracts like-energy. Our daily, angry, hateful, hurtful thoughts gather together in an etheric ocean surrounding the globe. Those thoughts magnetize to similar thoughts hundred, perhaps thousands, of miles away, similar thoughts from people all over the world whom you have never met and probably never will. And a dark storm cloud of anger flows about the planet. And when that cloud passes too-near one person, or many persons, in a weakened state of mental, emotional or spiritual consciousness, that cloud is sucked into their energy field and those persons may be pushed over the edge and into acts of violence.

Of course, this same example is also true for gathering clouds of light and love and compassion, which result in unexpected acts of kindness and forgiveness and charity.

One of the great truths written on this planet is the Hebrew saying,‘To save one person is to save the world.’

Heal the heart.

Love ourselves, and by that very act, we send out a greater wave of love than we can comprehend which instantaneously reaches everyone and every place on Earth.

It even radiates out to the very end of the Universe.

That is how powerful your love is.


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