redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

Be The Light All Ways

(image courtesy roland)

Dear Sisters & Brothers Of Light,

There is much information being shared regarding the events in the Gulf Of Mexico and the upcoming planetary alignments.

The planet is being afforded another opportunity for advancement as was offered in the 9-11 event. At that time a choice was made to continue down a path of duality and polarity and conflict. There is no judgment. All is honored. All is experience. All is learning.

A second opportunity is being offered now, one, perhaps, of even more importance. And with it another choice for enlightenment and oneness, or duality and conflict. It is up to each and every human to make that choice.

Always, always listen to your own heart and spirit and intuition, regardless of what others around you say. The times of giving away one’s power and choices to another are at an end. Each choice must be an individual one, one which contributes to the Highest Good Of All.

Like the 9-11 event, it is easy and understandable to become sucked into a sense of helplessness and frustration and anger and fear. Do not.

Now is the time — now is The Call — for all Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Lightgivers to stand in their true divinity and not be seduced by the subtle and powerful influences of those very forces on the planet that choose conflict and duality and polarity and chaos in order to retain their power.

There is goodness and opportunity in every event presented to humanity. This one is no different.

As you are given much more information in the coming days, months and years, please filter everything through the divinity of your individual heart. Quite literally, take a moment and place the information in your heart center, surround it with pink and then white and then golden light and see where the truth lies for you. Act accordingly.

Please do so with this information as well: Consider equally the possibility that Gaia is one of the most powerful divine feminine beings in all of the galaxy. That she has allowed herself to be the home for the human experience, that she has graciously and lovingly offered to allow all manner of lessons and experience to occur within and upon her Earth body.

The current opportunities being offered humanity in the Gulf and elsewhere are for humanity to make the choice for healing and oneness and love, or continued conflict, duality and fear.

Gaia is allowing this of her free will, of her divine nature, of her deep and limitless love.

Consider is your heart that, thought these events and others coming are indeed serious, Gaia is not bleeding in the way humans think of it and she is not in pain, also as humans think of it.

These words, these images are part of the purpose and design by the forces of duality to seduce those of the Light to fall back into fear and anger and conflict and anxiousness and depression.

To be of the Light is to only hold the Light, to only reveal the Light, to only project the Light in every situation, without fear, without judgment, without conflict, without anger.

And that Light must be shared equally with all humans and all living beings on the planet, including and especially those very forces of conflict and duality that have caused and continue to cause so much pain and suffering on this planet.

The Light cannot be segregated, cannot be withheld, cannot be denied. To anyone.

These events and coming ones are magnificent opportunities for the Light to once and for all reign on this planet.

And so it will be, but that Light cannot be born and flourish in an atmosphere of fear or struggle or panic.

Hold the Light Dear Ones. Be that Light. You Are That Light.

All Ways.

So It Is.


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