redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

Why is it that so many spiritual/metaphysical websites still have passwords, and many have one fill out a questionnaire as to why one wants to join, which is then judged by an administrator?

Of course, it’s an individual’s website and one has to respect their ‘home’ and how they choose to create it.

But when we think about it, can we really envision the New Earth using passwords and ‘guard-posts’?

Yes, these days there are spammers and those of low intention and vibration, but we have to begin somewhere. We have to be the ones to lead when it comes to walking the talk.

When we bring down the walls and fences with right and true intention, we raise the vibration of the site — and our home — and “unwanted” energies will not enter. They won’t be attracted. They won’t find our site ‘interesting.’

It’s only when we exercise the low frequency energy of fences and locks and passwords that we automatically attract the very energies we want to avoid.

Locks, passwords, fences are about fear and fear attracts the energy and experience of fear. It attracts predatory energy.

The new world is about openness and freedom and expansion and inclusiveness — including those we disagree with — especially those we disagree with — if we are truly a spiritual community.

Let the Light shine and those of shadow and darkness will eventually turn away.


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