redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

Michelangelo created the top Pieta in 1499, the bottom around 1552-64. Later, he is said to have considered the first to be youthful arrogance, as he was trying to best God. However, in his last years, Michelangelo considered the bottom pieta to be perfection, and one of his greatest works, because we are never finished…

My dear ones, life is magnificent.

It is pain woven within pain, it is joy radiant with joy.

It is forgetfulness and missteps and nightmares made real.

It is beauty blessed with grace.

It is truth dreaming of love.

Our lives, this world, is our canvas with which to paint upon such glories as the universe has never witnessed. We are master artists —

Each one of us —

And in us God delights.

— excerpt from “Son” & “Daughter”


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