redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

I envision a new world without ignorance and greed and poverty and crime and violence.

Without war.

Without pollution, the planet’s ecological balance restored.

Where the financial system empowers people to work together for the greatest good.

In the new world there will be no law that a company must make profits and no law that gives corporations the right to openly, legally influence governance. Where no business is entitled to the rights of an individual.

In the new world there will be no practice of posting quarterly profits and a return to annual profit/loss statements, or statements every two years.

No more MBA programs at universities, which encourage top-heavy, greed-based policies at the expense of the sound business practices for the the greater good.

In the new world all business is to solely support the common good with reasonable salaries and profits.

In the new world transparency is the watchword, all salaries from the top CEO to the factory floor workers will be published and justified. No more secrets.

All interest will be abolished.

Personal and global debt will be erased.

No one will ever be removed from their home because having a home will be a human right.

Health will be a human right.

Education will be a human right.

All political lobbying will cease. The only influence on elected officials and policy will be exerted politically through the voting booth and open forums.

There will be no more behind-closed-doors policy making: the public has the right to all information. No politician knows better than the society that elected them. No more secrets.

In the new world all elections will be publicly financed and held to a three month time period and an equal portion of the public airwaves will be free to each politician.

Religion will not be allowed to influence public policy. (Actually, in the new world there will be no religions, only personal spiritual practice.)

All global conflicts will be resolved through mediation and common-cause, global self-interest. The military-industrial complex will be dismantled. All ‘fences’ will be brought down: All humanity is entitled to the entire planet. Armies will be replaced with limited police forces that use non-violent methods.

News departments will be freed of corporate ownership and will be publicly financed and overseen by public governance.

Prisons will be replaced with healing centers (some with strict security for the most challenging cases).

All drugs will be legalized, the strongest requiring multiple prescriptions. Hemp will become a global healing and economic force.

The legal system will become one of healing and mediation and problem solving.

The practice of law will become one of mediation and not conflict. ‘Legalese’ will be a thing of the past as all contracts are easily understood and not used to deliberately hide and confuse.

A person’s word will once again be their bond.

The Golden Rule will become public policy.

Humanity will once again work with the consciousness of nature as equal partners to heal the planet and move its evolution forward.

As humanity comes together, the energy of fight-or-flight and survival-of-the-fittest within the animal kingdoms will cease to exist as all nature — including the consciousness of the weather — will be cooperating with itself — and humanity — for the greatest good of the planet.
The planetary mantra will be: For The Greatest Good Of All With Harm To No One And No Thing.

And Earth will be returned to the paradise it once was, and was always meant to be, in harmony with humanity.


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