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Synergy Seminars

This is a powerful healing site everyone should be aware of. The Leviton’s work is transformational and immediate.

From the site:
If you’ve been searching the web for Guided Imagery for whatever reason, we’re glad that you’ve found us and we look forward to sharing all the rich possibilities for life change in this simple, but powerful process called imagery.
Synergy Seminars offers a variety of opportunities for you to learn about and experience for yourself the many benefits of imagery, such as breaking old habits and patterns, removal of prior trauma, self understanding, symptom removal, personal growth, stress reduction, pain control and even better communication skills in relationships.
Through one-day seminars, weekend retreats, books, CD’s and even a full certification program that will train you to be a GUIDED IMAGERY THERAPIST, you can learn and experience a process that can literally change your life completely, and in a shorter period of time than you could imagine.
Sincerely, Chuck and Patti Leviton


“Synergy Seminars offers a great training experience! In addition to being wonderful people, Chuck and Patti Leviton perform the near impossible. They make the training easy to understand and utilize for a broad spectrum of caregivers. Even non-psychotherapists can safely learn these powerful techniques and yet the training offers enough depth to satisfy experienced clinicians. What’s especially valuable is the personal experience of therapy that accompanies the training sessions. This makes the very reasonable fees for the seminars even more of a bargain and a wonderful experience that I will take with me the rest of my life.” H. Owen Ward, Jr., PhD, Clinical Psychologist
“Synergy Seminars’ training in IntraPersonal Guided Imagery was phenomenal. Chuck and Patti Leviton’s generous teaching gave us a solid base of experiential learning and a thorough understanding of the history, research and formative clinical modalities of Guided Imagery. They were professional, attentive to the unique learning needs of their students, and richly embodied a compassionate presence. I have witnessed invaluable therapeutic results while using Guided Imagery myself with patients, staff and community members. I highly recommend their training.”
Elizabeth Morse, MDiv, BCC Spiritual Care Coordinator South Lake Hospital Orlando, Florida

Are you facing a medical situation or crisis, and wish a physical healing? BODY

Are you experiencing emotional pain and need relief; or remembering a past trauma and need comfort? MIND

Are you on a spiritual journey, questioning your goals, your passion, your purpose? SPIRIT

Learn how Guided Imagery can help you heal your body, teach you how to use the power of the mind to create healing images and focus your spiritual energy in a loving and supportive way. You can learn to change your life right now.  
About Guided Imagery…
Guided imagery is as old as psychotherapy itself. Called by many different names – visualization, directed daydreams, active imagination – this process is a state of relaxation whereby we can bypass that censor we call the brain and go directly into the buried emotions of the unconscious. This place of healing can bring to the surface painful or negative issues that need to be seen, understood, or resolved, whether emotional or physical. The body cannot heal in chaos. Through this process of relaxation we provide our bodies the environment to balance and regain health and well-being. MORE CLICK HERE
FAQ’s Check out the answers to your most frequently asked questions CLICK HERE

Synergy Seminars is the dynamic team of Dr. Charles Leviton & Patti Leviton CHT. Both Charles and Patti are published authors, presenters and workshop leaders providing the combined experience of fifty years of professional work in healing and transformational modalities.

Charles D. Leviton,ED.D.
Patti Leviton, M.A., CHT

Synergy Seminars has an exciting and comprehensive list of Weekend Retreats  scheduled Now… The best therapeutic and financial value we offer our clients is the very popular weekend retreat, held monthly at our office in Palm Springs, CA.

If you are interested in our latest seminars please ENTER here.
Synergy Services… CLICK HERE Guided Imagery
Individual Psychotherapy
Group Psychotherapy

FREEGuided Imagery of the Week FREE
              The Magic Solution 
Guided Imagery Certification… If you are interested in becoming a certified guided imagery therapist, Synergy Seminars provides a comprehensive and exciting two level program for both the professional and the layman. CLICK HERE

CD’s – These unique CD’s, written and narrated by Patti, cover a variety of subjects. Addressing such issues as cancer, weight release, addictions, and surgery, to name just a few. Also, you may e-mail Patti with a special request to create a personalized imagery just for you, Addressing your specific need. PERSONALIZED IMAGERY   CLICK HERE     
Books – These books from Chuck and Patti are based on their experiences from many years of teaching, counseling and giving seminars. Dr. Charles D. Leviton Ed.D. There is No Bad Truth-The Search for Self. Patti Leviton , M.A., CHT The Miracle of Words. The book co-authored by Chuck & Patti, The Conflict Between Us is the Conflict within Me, as well as “Inner Peace-Outward Power”, with guided imagery to use with the 12 steps to recovery.,

Book Testimonial
“…where there is inspiration and desire to change information and coaching can produce dramatic results; the Leviton’s book, The Conflict Between Us Is The Conflict Within Me, and the enclosed guided imagery CD provide an easily accessible format.”

Bernie Siegel, MD    author, Love, Medicine & Miracles and Prescriptions for Living


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