redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

simple magick, part one

The next time you’re out walking, take a moment and look at your surroundings, but this time look at any trees, plants, buildings, animals, people, road signs, streets, clouds, etc. as if you were from another planet and didn’t know the names for anything around you.

The names will pop into your head, but then let that labels go. Just observe the world around you without attaching a label to anything.

When the names and labels creep back in, just let them go. You’ll be surprised by what happens:

You’ll see objects as if for the first time; you’ll see details you’ve missed. Gradually, you see that everything around you is not separate but connected, building becomes tree becomes cat becomes street becomes sky.

The world becomes much more alive and vibrant when we simply let it…be.

When we name something or label it, we instantly ‘shrink’ it, we limit it, we ‘freeze’ it. It becomes disconnected. It suddenly has a biological, or cultural, or historic past attached to it. It becomes weighted down by our 3rd dimensional bias. It ‘dies’ a little bit.

You can try this while you’re walking, or driving, or in your house, anywhere. Everywhere.

And then try it with yourself: Imagine yourself without a name, social security number, age, address, gender, history, story, drama.

Let yourself just…be.

And see what happens.


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