redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation


Affirmations can be an important part of a meditative practice. You can use them as a mantra during meditation, or throughout the day as a substitution whenever less-than-positive thoughts come up. The more you substitute an affirmation for a negative thought, the more you will find the affirmation taking over and the negative thoughts dwindling. You will find yourself living your affirmation.

I am in the universe, the universe is in me.

I am Spirit; I am not of the body, not of the ego.

I am a sensual extension of a sensual universe; the Divine is in a flower; is in me; is in everything.

All relationships mirror my personal growth – good and ill; I will learn from them.

I release all psychological, environmental and spiritual toxins.

I no longer need approval, which is a fear based need.

I acknowledge my dark side and release it.

I shall not judge and criticize.

I replace fear with love.

I live in the NOW; I am life centered.

There is no past, no future, only this present moment where the Divine dwells.

I celebrate the uncertainty, which is where all possibilities lie.

I am a being of Light and Love.

Miracles happen wherever I go.

All that I need comes easily to me.

Love comes to me easily and effortlessly and I accept it now.

My health and body are perfect and I am stronger every day.

I am now employed in the perfect work for me.

Abundance comes to me effortlessly and I am grateful for it and I deserve it.


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