redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

You might copy and paste this text into your computer voice program for playback, or record it yourself and listen to it spoken in your own voice. This takes about fifteen minutes.

Don’t worry about visualizing or placing your biological organs and systems in their proper place in your body. You don’t need to know what they look like or where they are — your body knows that information, and better than you ever could. Just trust that energy follows thought, and your body will do the rest.

Take a few moments to get comfortable, using the techniques already described. Turn off your logical mind. Close your eyes and begin to align your breathing with your pulse as previously offered. Relax and enjoy.

Then tell the arches of your feet to relax, the bridges of your feet to relax, the heels to relax, the ankles to relax, each covered in the warm, healing light.

Continue drawing the glowing, warm light up your lower legs, to your knees, to your upper legs, telling each to relax and enjoy the warmth, the relaxation, the healing.

Continue drawing the warm, healing light up and over your buttocks, your hips, your pelvis, up to your stomach, your abdomen, your chest, telling each to relax and enjoy the warmth, the light, the healing.

Gently draw this warm light up your lower back, your upper back to your shoulders, telling each to relax. Draw the warm, healing light down each arm, telling them to relax, drawing the light down to the wrists, the hands, the fingers.

Now gently draw the warm light up your neck to your head, covering your entire head with glowing, healing light. Tell your face to relax, your eyes, your ears, your mouth and jaw.

Now take a moment and become aware of your entire body gently glowing with warm, radiant, healing light. Feel the slightest, most wonderful vibration over your entire body as this healing light soothes, relaxes and heals everything it touches.

Now picture your lungs glowing with a bright, healing light. Follow this energy flow into the heart; picture the heart pumping and pulsing healthy, glowing blood through your circulatory system. Tell this blood, this light, to remove all excess fat and all toxins from your system; tell this light to heal your blood cells; to generate new, healthy blood cells from your glowing bone morrow.

Now move this light into your other internal organs: your stomach, your large and small intestines, your liver, your gall bladder, your pancreas, your spleen, your kidneys, your bladder, your bowels, your urinary tract, your reproductive tract. Fill all your internal organs with this glowing, radiant, warm, healing light and feel these organs healing.

Take a moment and focus this light on any organs you’re having problems with. Heal them with the radiant, warm light. Know that miraculous healing can happen at any moment – that miraculous healings happen every day to millions of people the world over. Know that the only ones limiting our healing are ourselves.

Now move this warm light to your muscular system; feel all your muscles, ligaments and tendons glowing with healing light, strengthening them.

Move this light into your nervous system; fill your brain with this healing, warm, relaxing light. Now draw this light down your spinal column and into the millions of nerves throughout your body. Watch the energy and healing electrons dart and spin and race throughout your brain and nerves strengthening your memory, your intellect, your consciousness.

Now move this Divine, glowing, healing light into your eyes so that they can see better; into your nose so it can smell better; into your ears so they can hear better and into your mouth, teeth and gums so you can taste better, all glowing with light and energy.

Now move this warm, healing light to your skin, your nails, your hair until your entire body — inside and outside — is glowing with health. Know that if someone were to come into your room now, they would not see a body, but a radiant, glowing form of Divine, healing light.

Now, just bask in this glowing, healing, protecting light and warmth. Luxuriate in it. Be a peaceful child once again. Smile with your entire body. Know that you are perfect.

Know that you always have been.


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