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Modern physics experimentally proved nonlocality
During the early 1980s a French physicist Alain Aspect performed experiments with two detectors set at the distance of 13 meters, and the container of high-energy calcium atoms between them. Every calcium atom, returning in the normal low-energy state, emits two photons in the opposite directions, with the spins which should be perfectly correlated. 
The principle of locality — the concept of the universe where forces act only locally — implies that all the influences in the universe travel through space and time, and the speed of light is the fastest. A measurement of the properties of an object doesn’t influence the properties of the other; if the results of the measurement correspond, it implies that other object already had these properties. 
In Aspect’s experiment just the opposite happened, the measurement of an object influenced the other…(and faster than the speed of light!) 
(Aspect changed the spin of one of the calcium atoms, and the second calcium’s atom spin instantly reversed. They were somehow ‘communicating’ with each other.)
The principle of locality implies that distant objects cannot have direct influence on one another, however, Aspect’s experiment proves (the reality of nonlocality) — that what happens to the object, acts on the distant object, without measurable force traveling through space and time. (The influence on the other object is instantaneous, regardless of the distance away from the first object).
This experiment proved nonlocality for the first time, as the basis for all universal relationships. 
Simply put, nonlocality means that every change in your psycho-energetic system (human consciousness) influences all other objects in the universe; every change of a particular object in the universe, no matter how distant it is, acts on you.  
Ninoslav Safaric

February 17, 2007

At the level of human consciousness, there is no such thing as distance. We think a thought and it has reached the end of the universe and returned instantaneously, influencing everything it comes into contact with along the way (everything!). 
We are all one.

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