redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

One of the central energies that has held this world in such…heaviness, is our sense of possession.

The more we try to possess something (or someone) the harder and harder the energy becomes until it is almost inert. 

Possession stops the flow of universal energy dead in its tracks. It’s why we have a top-heavy world of ‘haves” and ‘have nots’.

It’s why we have a world of fear-based governments and excessive laws and unresponsive politics and unfair economies and so much dis-ease, strife, poverty, violence.

In the New Earth, we will all realize that no one owns anything, that everything is on loan to us as vehicles to rediscover love, and that everything is to be shared, without a sense of who deserves what and how much.

“Yes, but I worked hard for what I have and so why should I share it with others, who haven’t worked as hard?”

Because we just bought in to the Great Lie: that we did something all on our own. Without the help of parents and teachers and trash collectors and plumbers and friends and lovers and children and the kingdoms of earth and the Earth herself. Even homeless people and drug dealers have in some way added to the tapestry of all of our lives, whether we wish to acknowledge that fact or not.

There is only one of us here.

The Universe isn’t particularly interested in what we’ve amassed in terms of material stuff, things, objects, homes, bank accounts. The Universe doesn’t make judgments based on material things. It doesn’t make judgments at all. We do. The Universe is only interested in the creation and flow of love, unimpeded. Period.

So if we’d all like to make the transition into the New Earth as graceful as possible, we all should become much more comfortable with the idea of sharing — everything — and letting go of our sense of possession.

And then we will have released the blocked-up Universal flow of Light & Love into all our lives, and then just watch the miracles happen.

Everything we need and desire will be manifested instantly.

For everyone.


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